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Take control of your Xero data with Xavier Analytics; spot data anomalies, track key liabilities and prioritise your clients to take action & empower advisory in your Practice.

Xavier helps you and your team get a handle on the health of the transactional data in Xero across all your clients. Xavier guides your team members through a process of data cleanup, compliance checks and activity insights, leading to cleaner accounts, faster filing and accurate reporting. You can also keep track of key liabilities such as Corporation Tax and VAT with Xavier’s customisable calculations, to monitor upcoming liabilities in real-time.

We believe that effective reporting starts with accurate data; by making sure that all transactions are recorded and coded correctly against the right contacts, accounts and tax codes in Xero, you can be confident in any predictions or analysis you might want to make later. This can empower your team to have the right conversations with your clients.

Our Practice Dashboard allows you to check all of your clients in one place, at a glance, with filtering and sorting on key metrics. Prioritise clients with upcoming year ends or those who are behind on data quality or business performance, so you can take action quickly. Group clients by account manager and sort by client health to identify which team member needs the most help with their clients.

Take advantage of the resulting sanitised data by building powerful, reusable reports in Xavier’s pivot-table data sandbox, both within clients and across them, and share these with your team - reduce the amount of spreadsheets you have bouncing around the office.

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Xavier Analytics + Xero

  • Practice-wide Insights: Xavier provides a view of all your Xero clients, so you can actively monitor their relative performance and Xero quality, and prioritise accordingly.

  • Health Scores: Each client will have a consolidated data health score for an instant overview - try hitting 100% for all clients!

  • Clean Up: Xavier can identify duplicate contacts, mis-coded invoices and irregular transactions based on contact history for checking, fixing or dismissing.

  • Lock in Lock Dates: track any Locked Period changes in Xero, quickly find what has changed, and ensure upkeep of Lock dates ahead of important reporting periods.

  • Slice and Dice: pivot, group, filter and sort client data using powerful pivot tables in our sandbox, directly in your browser.

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