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Paolo Coniglio
Posted 9 Jun 2023
1 out of 5 stars

Awful experience

Unfortunately, I have to give it one star because this site gives an error message when I try to give it no stars! The software does not integrate with Xero correctly, and it overstates the GST on income by 10% (basically, it calculates the GST on the Gross amount instead of the net amount when syncing into Xero). Thanks to this poor excuse of a system, my client has been overpaying thousands of dollars of extra GST to the ATO. Support is hopeless, and just quick to blame Xero. Also, my user access, who, by checking through a second user, is still active in the product, is giving me an incorrect password error and when I try to re-set the password I get a failed password change attempt error. Sent the support request and got this reply "I saw you sent a request stating you are having trouble logging in. Sorry to hear that; let me know if I can be of further assistance". Leaving a support request, means I NEED assistance, seriously??? Told the client to move away from it, high risk to pay more to the ATO than you should, and 0 care level by support. I am honestly astounded Xero even lets them advertise their product on their page. They should be removed!
David Adkin
Posted 12 May 2022
2 out of 5 stars

Goodbye Invoice2go

Have used invoice2go for the past 6 years and loved it. Recently swapped over to Xero because of my Tax Consultant and company setup and have found its way better than Invoice2go. Ive got my invoices custom done to reflect my business identity and everything works seamlessly. For the price invoice2go charge they really should have a setup similar to xero with regards to bank account reconciling and integration on their own platform. I certainly dont want to pay for invoice2go and xero just to get this integration. Sorry invoice2go our love affair has come to a end unless you set up full integration i cant warrant paying two subscriptions.
tim coleman
Posted 22 Feb 2022
1 out of 5 stars

getting worse and way to expensive

rubbish tech support is rubbish
Phil Terry
Posted 18 Dec 2018
I’m really disappointed to be honest, I tried but couldn’t get on with xero, what’s really disappointing is I’m now having to give up Invoice2go, 5 years a customer, I’ve really injoyed my time with Invoice2go it worked well for me, unfortunately it’s the Tax We now have to make tax digitally, the relationship with xero and Invoice2go doesn’t work well, 5 star for Invoice2go. 1 star fox xero
Ben Wooden
Posted 18 Dec 2018
1 out of 5 stars
Xero’s crap should’ve made your own one
Benjamin Daly
Posted 18 Dec 2018
4 out of 5 stars
Easy to link and saves allot of time. What would help if you could select a nominal code in Invoice2Go rather than only having a choice on one Xero account. Thanks
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