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Booke AI

By Booke AI
4.96 out of 5 stars
AI-Driven Bookkeeping: Automate Transaction Categorization, Fix Coding Errors

Overview is the all-in-one bookkeeping solution designed to streamline your business. Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, our app automates categorization of transactions, fixes coding errors, and enables seamless communication with business, saving you countless hours. Now featuring AI-driven Robotic Process Automation, ChatGPT trained for bookkeeping, and ChatGPT email inbox assistant, is more powerful than ever.

Main features of Booke and how they involve bookkeeping flow:

AI Automation for Effortless Month-end Close. Experience increased efficiency, reduced stress and effortless resolution of uncategorized transactions and coding errors with Booke's AI-powered automation.

Super Accurate Books with Error Detection at Your Fingertips. Effortlessly find and fix errors in your bookkeeping with our advanced error detection technology.

Eliminate Back-and-Forth Communication with Our Client Portal. Streamline your collaboration with clients and get faster responses with our user-friendly portal.

Booke AI
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Booke AI + Xero

Booke AI integrates seamlessly with Xero, transferring all transaction and document data. Booke will automatically put a category and export uncategorized statements and line items to Xero based on the analytics. There is no need for additional training or setup with Booke's ready-to-use interface. Booke will begin processing your data as soon as you submit it from Xero.

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Jessica Roberts
5 out of 5 stars

wow...browser extension

I recently started using the browser extension for bulk reconciliation in Xero, and it has been a game-changer! The extension has streamlined my bookkeeping tasks and saved me countless hours of work. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the bulk reconciliation feature has made my month-end close process so much more efficient. Love you guys!
Michael Thompson
5 out of 5 stars

A Must-Have for Modern Bookkeepers

As a bookkeeper for several small businesses, I was constantly bogged down with tedious tasks and endless back-and-forth communication. Since integrating with Xero, my workflow has become smoother, and I've saved countless hours thanks to the AI-driven automation. The seamless categorization of transactions and error detection has been a game-changer, allowing me to focus on providing better financial insights for my clients. Booke's client portal has also made client communication much more efficient. Highly recommended for any bookkeeper looking to upgrade their services!
Samantha Green
4 out of 5 stars

Great AI Bookkeeping Solution with Minor Improvements Needed

I've been using integrated with Xero for my bookkeeping business, and overall, I am very impressed with its capabilities. The AI-driven automation for categorizing transactions and detecting errors has saved me a lot of time and effort. The client portal is also a valuable feature for streamlining communication between my clients and me. However, there are a few areas where I believe could be improved. While the error detection system is generally accurate, it occasionally misses some minor discrepancies. In addition, it would be helpful if Booke provided more in-depth analytics to help us better understand our clients' financial situations. Despite these minor shortcomings, has still been a great addition to my bookkeeping process and has made a significant positive impact on my workflow.

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Booke AI
Receiptsshared from Booke AI to Xero
Invoicesshared from Booke AI to Xero
Credit Notesshared from Booke AI to Xero
Contactsshared from Xero to Booke AI and from Booke AI to Xero
Accountsshared from Xero to Booke AI and from Booke AI to Xero
Tracking Categoriesshared from Xero to Booke AI and from Booke AI to Xero
Tax Ratesshared from Xero to Booke AI and from Booke AI to Xero
Reportsshared from Xero to Booke AI
Currenciesshared from Xero to Booke AI
Bank Transactionsshared from Xero to Booke AI and from Booke AI to Xero

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By Booke AI
Added in 2022


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