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Dext Prepare
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Neville Middleton


Dext prepare allows us to efficiently keep our clients accounting records up to date without having to follow up and chase documents. This frees our team up to focus on more important tasks that assist our clients and assists our business to nurture the clients in other areas.
Derry Weymes

Essential addition

Dext Prepare saves time and money.
Joshua Westcott
Dext Prepare is a great tool which helps our business tremendously by speeding up processing and making the daily lives of accountants much easier.
Ben Merckel

Great app

Dext prepare helps speed up processing efficiencies and is constantly adding new features to help automate the process
Christof Milando

Terrible Experience

We've been using Dext for 8 months and there are very few redeeming qualities. If you're a non-profit, avoid it, because it does not handle taxes well at all (I cannot speak for any for-profit companies). We probably need to ditch Dext, because it just does not treat taxes properly. We've ensured our tax codes are correct in Xero. If you are okay wasting a ton of time removing and redoing payments in Xero and manually editing each item to get the taxes correct, all the power to you, but if you're like me and purchased this system to simplify your life and save time, this is NOT it. (We also use the ApprovalMax integration, which is great).
Sarah Croft

Must have tool for small businesses

Dext has allowed my clients to reduce the amount of time manually entering expenses, credit notes, bank statements and invoicing. Must have tool for small businesses
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