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CALUMO Connect

By CALUMO Connect
5 out of 5 stars
Automate, integrate, and simplify your data to generate actionable insights. Enhance your enterprise performance management with fast integration, real-time reporting, and sophisticated budgeting, planning and forecasting tools.


CALUMO automates your painstaking, manual finance processes to reduce risk and free up time for your team to do their real job: providing financial insight and analysis to effectively support strategic decision-making.

CALUMO integrates with all data sources including your general ledger, CRM, HRIS, ERP and other operational systems. Real-time reporting, self-service analytics and smart dashboarding, all accessible through the web, ensure you and your business partners are always working from the same source of truth. Handle any number of planning dimensions and integrate pre-built driver-based models without sacrificing granularity.

CALUMO’s tight integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint removes reliance on disconnected spreadsheets and allows you to update documents and reports with the latest information with a single refresh.

CALUMO is an insightsoftware company, a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management software for the Office of the CFO.

CALUMO Connect + Xero

CALUMO consolidates data directly from your Xero instances to simplify your reporting and planning processes. Free your users from manual tasks by consolidating data into a single source of truth.

Streamline manual processes to save time, improve efficiency, and reduce risk and errors. Give time, and control, back to staff so they spend less time struggling with spreadsheets, and more time analysing data. Make period-end painless with smart templates self-service analytics.

Create budgets, business models, and rolling forecasts that are updated in real-time. Improve collaboration with commentary at all levels to explain variances and anomalies. Build, analyse, and distribute reports in minutes, using live data delivered via secure web pages or in Microsoft Office. Eliminate long planning cycles and improve agility with accurate and continuous forecasting.

Dig deeper into your business data, test scenarios, visualise results and create beautiful reports without the help of IT. Transform even non-technical users into analysts with built-in analytics tools.

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Anshul Wadhwa
5 out of 5 stars
Easy to connect Xero to Calumo via this tool. Seamless connectivity for scheduled and on-demand updates syncing from Xero.
Christina Temme
5 out of 5 stars

Easy Connectivity

Zip connects 27 Xero instances to Calumo seamlessly and reliably. Our data updates both daily, based on a set schedule, and on demand as needed providing us with a consolidated financial view in minutes
James Solomons CFO
5 out of 5 stars

Multi Region customisable group consolidations in a heartbeat

As the former Head of Accounting at Xero, seamless data connectivity was at the core of how Xero and its marketplace partners could provide a solution to business owners that gave them realtime visibility of their business data to allow them to make decisions quickly and accurately. Now as the CFO of Xref, Calumo's award winning product, seamlessly connected to our 6 Xero files via the Calumo Connect App, ensures we know what is happening across the globe in all of our regions on a daily basis. This visibility is critical to our business.

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CALUMO Connect
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By CALUMO Connect
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