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Xero is collaborating with HubSpot, a CRM, online marketing, sales and customer service growth platform to deliver the best end-to-end customer journey possible.

Xero and HubSpot integrate together for end-to-end visibility into your customers' journey, from stranger to paid customer invoice, all in one place. Using Xero and HubSpot helps nurture those leads your website attracts, so you can start building better relationships with your prospects and customers through personalised conversations. There are two options available to help you make the most of having HubSpot and Xero.

Contact sync

The Xero to HubSpot contact sync is free to customers on a starter, standard or premium plan. It ensures your Xero contacts are available in your HubSpot CRM for all your inbound sales processes, and keeps them up-to-date if anything changes in Xero.

Contact sync benefits:

  • Sync contacts from Xero to HubSpot
  • See which contacts are 7 days overdue in HubSpot
  • Find contacts that are 30 days outstanding in HubSpot
  • Target contacts that have or haven't purchased from you


Reduce the back and forth between your sales and accounts teams. Your sales team can create a draft invoice directly in HubSpot so the accounts team can approve it and send it to your customer from within Xero.

Invoicing benefits: All the benefits from the contact sync, plus

  • Generate draft invoices in your Xero base currency within HubSpot
  • Add contacts from HubSpot in to Xero
  • Pulls products available in Xero in to HubSpot
  • Invoice status synced back to HubSpot

The HubSpot to Xero invoicing feature has a monthly fee of $10, which is in addition to your Xero subscription. This will be charged immediately when you sign up to the invoicing feature and then monthly thereafter.

We are a HubSpot affiliate and may receive a commission if you purchase HubSpot.

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HubSpot CRM integration + Xero

For the contact sync we use the email address as an identifier on your Xero Contact to create a new (or update an existing) contact within HubSpot. Once this initial integration has completed, any change to your contacts in Xero will be reflected in HubSpot CRM automatically. A set of default mappings ensure that the information contained within your Xero contacts is set to the correct place in HubSpot.

For invoicing, HubSpot will create a draft invoice in Xero for your accounts team to review, approve and send to your customer. Xero will send the invoice status back to HubSpot automatically so your sales team can see if it has been sent, paid or remains overdue.

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Kate Leckie

No value

Our presentation/functional currency is GBP, however we bill in USD. After significant time investment on our part, the two parties finally confirmed that the integration won't work for us.
Ben Rosswick

Of modest value

Would be nice if you could see invoices sent from Xero from within Hubspot. Shame they didn't think of this as that's the most important thing a salesperson needs to know!
Alanna Chapman
I really wanted to use Hubspot - but then when I went to go Sync the data, it told me I had to upgrade my Xero subscription to Premium. Which seems a bit crazy. Not sure why they wouldn't have the Standard option available. We don't want to pay $15 extra per month to be able to have multiply currencies - something we have no need for. Disappointing that the two companies made this decision.
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HubSpot CRM integration

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