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Richard Silver
Posted 23 Apr 2024
4 out of 5 stars
I find most of the functions very good, but need to know more of its capabilities.
Clare Dance
Posted 23 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars
We've being using ApprovalMax for a little over a year now and have found it works perfectly for our approval process. It has reduced invoice processing time as it links so well with Xero. Easy to update the approval workflow as well as 'tagging' individuals into an approval.
Marizette Van Der Merwe
Posted 18 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Internal Controls In The Cloud

I am a big fan of ApprovalMax. It is a great system for managing and setting up internal control for your finance function. It is user friendly and it can be set up in a simple or very complex way. Tracking data and pulling useful custom reports is another win to make the management of internal control pain free.
Umeshan Vigneswaran
Posted 18 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Efficient System for Approvals

We have been using Approval Max for a year, and it works perfectly for us. It is so far the most intelligent and functional system I have encountered, and it works perfectly with Xero. They have also been updating many new features and enhancing the product. It has evolved so much in the last 12 months. Kudos to the team. I highly recommend it.
Roland Poyurs
Posted 17 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great workflow for Xero

We implemented ApprovalMax primarily for purchase order approvals, and have been very impressed by the capability and ease of use of the system. I would highly recommend ApprovalMax to any company as it brings improved control to the business, and the interface with Xero is seamless and comprehensive.
Milica Malesevic-Poljakovic
Posted 16 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Useful tool for finance team

Approval Max do great work for us, process of invoice approval is faster and more efficient when we compared with previous solution.
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