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Ben Chiverton
For most of 2021 the features involving setting up new entities from XPM has been broken with no fix date signalled. While the rest of the software is solid loosing this feature shortly after the Class acquisition leaves a very bad taste in your mouth.
Steve Betts
Was a huge fan of NI, however since being bought by Class the customer service levels have dropped immeasurably. I have been trying for 2+ months to have an issue resolved. Promises are made, but never kept. Messages are never responded to. Its been particularly embarrassing as this issue was in relation to a client undergoing their first audit and we now have to explain that due to NI, ASIC records are not an accurate reflection. The case has been escalated up to senior customer service management - but even then no one ever does what they say they are going to do. I have run out of patience and now feel the only way I MIGHT get action and a response is to tell everyone how absolutely useless NI has been. Horrendous to the point that I feel giving one star is too generous.
Cathy Mardell Howard
Skyring has been using NowInfinity and Corporate Messenger from inception. Both programs have become an integral part of our processes. The software is user friendly and creates efficiencies as it integrates with Class, our SMSF Administration Software to easily setup new SMSFs in Class and to also prepare further documentation for SMSFs as the flow of data works both ways. The documentation side of the software not only integrates with Class but also with Corporate Messenger and is efficient, painless and cuts down the time taken to prepare documentation for clients. Corporate Messenger itself is all cloud and email based, which is perfect for our office as we operate in a paperless environment. The reminder system is a valuable tool to save our clients money on late fees for ASIC compliance. In a fast paced business environment, the integration with DocuSign further streamlines our processes and makes it so easy to prepare and deliver professional documents to our clients for immediate signature and lodgement. Further, Amreeta and the staff at NI are friendly and easy to liaise with and are on the ball with improving the software in today’s ever evolving business environment.
Sarah Robinson
We use nowinfinity as part of our suite of products to create efficiencies with corporate management and new entity setups for our clients. We have been using nowinfinity since 2014 and can 100% vouch for the time savings and ease of client communication it provides.
Paul Meissner
NowInfinity is the only reason that I can manage the ASIC compliance for our clients. For anyone that is as allergic to paper mail as I am, having th Annual Returns all in 1 system with beautiful design, easy to use information and simple e-sign, you cannot ask for any more. Add to that how easy it is to set up any entity you want, and I just love NowInfinity.
Krushang Vaidya
At Devenny Payne, We have been using NowInfinity since 2015/16 and can not fault it. Amreeta and team do not stop and keep improving the product every day. It is very easy to use and your admin will love it. The big plus is their partnership with View Legal so you know the documents are checked and approved by the legal team. They have introduced Trust Register and I know that this will save so much of time while preparing trustee resolutions. Their integration with Xero HQ, XPM and Class makes it seamless and avoids double handling of data. It also integrates with heaps other cloud apps and document management tools. Their Corporate Compliance Messenger is so good that since we have started using NI Compliance Messenger not a single one complain from client about missing ASIC statement. Its just take care of it by itself. And don't forget the newest member "ROSIE". The very First bot which can integrate with messaging apps and get work done just like that. We Love working with the NowInfinity Team and we are glad that we are on board with NowInfinty for our journey.
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