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Robert krajnyk

Refunded a trial that I forgot to cancel

I subscribed for the trial and forgot to cancel my subscription...out of a good will gesture they refunded it for me. The product was not suited to what I wanted and I would probably never need it again however I thought the fact they refunded this to me knowing this shows an element of care and customer focus that alot of companies don't have. Please support this company if you need their service.
karen bond
So I have to pay a monthly fee to use uCollect to be able to integrate Ezidebit with Xero as well as paying the fees to use EziDebit? Not much left for my business after paying all these fees.
Bridget Piper
Great product, seamless integration and the support is efficient.
Candy Gillespie Chartered Accountants
Excellent product, great integration with Xero. With a couple of clicks I can do what used to take ages.
Peter McCarroll
Hi. I'm the owner of the uCollect app. Sorry for a non-review here. I feel the need to respond to Oskar's one-star review (Xero doesn't give us the ability to respond inline so I have to add a review) below. Oskar was the client of one of our clients. He contacted us asking questions about his account. We can't answer those questions so we referred him back to the merchant he already had a relationship with. But he kept coming back to us. We therefore sent a message to the merchant asking them to contact him directly. We never involved any third party nor shared personal information with any party other than the merchant he already had a relationship with (information they already had). And to Ross's question below - he contacted us outside our support hours (and only waited a few minutes before posting here). He did receive a response as soon as we reopened and we addressed his issue immediately.
Ross Di Stefano
Hi There, Anyone know how to amend or delete a generated batch in uCollect? Tried contacting them but no reply which is frustrating. Regards
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