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With simple conversation and AI, Aider delivers key insights, actions and other info directly from your data, to drive smarter business decisions.

Aider is your next rockstar employee, your savvy business assistant. What if you had someone who knew your business as well as you did, 24/7? Aider brings you the latest AI tech to help you run your business in real time... saving you time, making your life easier. The more you use Aider, the more Aider learns about your business, the more useful Aider becomes.

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Aider + Xero

All your business apps in one place to save you time. Ask Aider unlimited questions about your business 24/7. Take actions, such as pay invoices directly in Aider. Create notifications and alerts to help you be across your business in real time. Advice based on trends customised to your business. The more you use Aider, the better it gets! It’s like employing your best new employee!

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Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States




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