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Russell Hewitt
This may well be an unfair review as we are a boat shop and the program is more motor vehicle related. I can't really fault the assistance I've had telephonically. However for the boat & motor repair shop it leaves a lot of boxes unticked.
Mark Whatman
Have had a great experience integrating workshop and xero. Has been seemless and took no effort on our part. We would highly recommend workshop software to anyone looking for either something new or for a business starting out.
Peter Russell
I have been using the software for 3 1/2 years now and can say that it is a powerful tool for streamlining the function of your workshop. The history and search areas are very good. Mechanics times report is important. Workshop software have been active in updating the software regularly and are ALWAYS available for support. Well done I say !!! Pete Mid City Mechanical Repairs Dubbo
Jan O'Shea
Workshop Software is great to work with. If you have any problems they are delt with straight away. The Staff are only to happy to help. Woombye Mechanical Repairs.
Debbie Bailey
Am happy with Workshop Software and how it works especially stock control side of software. Our old programme would not let us do as many things and to update it was very expensive compared to Workshop Software. I do have a sync problem with one of my businesses going to Xero - it will only sync manually- but I just have to contact support to sort it out. In general very pleased with Workshop Software and Xero ( so is my accountant) and would recommend to any workshop and is cost effective
Megan Sutherland
Peninsula Diesel Repairs have been using workshop software since December 2016. we previously used another program that was out dated, slow and on our server. Unfortunately, we were hacked and we lost everything on our server. Luckily, we had recently done a backup so we only really lost about two months’ history. considering we weren't happy with our old program and we would need to upload everything to it again, we decided to consider something new, something safer and something faster. This is when we came across Workshop Software. Workshop Software is on the "cloud" just like all the new programs that are coming into the industry just like Xero. Workshop Software were a great help in loading all the vehicle history and parts history that we had and made the change over extremely simple from my end of things. Since using this program, it has been everything we had hoped for. It very self-explanatory even when first learning to use it, with links to YouTube tutorials to help if need be. The only downfall with this program is when we have had questions that the tutorials and things can’t answer, we have rung them and either our messages aren't getting passed on to ring us back or they just don't get around to it. there have been a few times where we needed answers for things and we have called daily for a week or two and we haven't heard anything back. apart from that, it is a great program and very simple to use with many helpful aspects that help make my job a lot easier and faster.
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