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By Docketbook
5 out of 5 stars
Docketbook delivers digital dockets seamlessly integrated with Xero. Capture your time onsite, materials delivered, plant hours etc then create an invoice in Xero with just a few clicks. Create Docketbook Orders from Xero Quotes to streamline your processes even further.
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November 2021
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Invoicing and jobs


Docketbook changes the way transactional data such as deliveries, timesheets and inspection records are captured and shared between companies.

Whether you’re a head contractor, subcontractor or small operator, the Docketbook platform works for you. Forget paper, PDF and email - work digitally from source.

Docketbook is connecting companies across Australia, streamlining data exchange, reducing disputes, increasing productivity and accelerating payment.

Docketbook + Xero

The Docketbook integration is built for small to medium construction contractors that are using Xero for accounting and Docketbook to provide digital proof of work documentation for their customers. The integration between Docketbook and Xero streamlines your business processes as it removes double data entry. A Docketbook docket is used to record the work completed each day or items that have been delivered onto a construction site - the information that forms the basis of your invoicing data.

Our integration has two primary outcomes - the first is to automatically create Xero Invoices from data recorded on our Dockets. We do this by creating a link between a Xero Item and a Docketbook Resource. A Docketbook Docket is composed of one or many Resources with a quantity for each. The link between a Resource and a Xero Item is then used to automatically create an Invoice in Xero with the correct Items and quantities - using the data recorded on a Docketbook Docket.

The second outcome is to sync or pull Xero Quotes into Docketbook and to allow our customers to create Dockets against these Quotes. Quotes are created as ‘Orders’ in Docketbook. An Order has a similar data model to a Xero Quote with the added functionality of being able to allocate work to their team and record the work done each day in the form of a Docket. As dockets are created against an Order, the user is provided with up to date completion rates and total of the work completed so far. This integration also provides the capability for our customers to automatically create Invoices from the work completed for a Quote and use the original Quote unit prices on the Invoice. This integration greatly streamlines the accounting and record keeping process.

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Hayden Brown
Posted 25 Nov 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely Brilliant

No more lost dockets or disputes, this program was and is a brilliant solution to an annoying problem I no longer wanted to deal with. Highly reccomend
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