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Streamline Practice management

There are many apps available to help manage your practice, here are just a few that are popular with our Accountant partners to get you started.

With Xero Practice Manager available to be the centre of your practice, holding your single client list & your central jobflow management, these apps can help complement and enhance XPM to complete your practice needs.

Apps popular with advisors for:

  • Practice admin: AccountKit
  • Task management: AccountKit, SuiteFiles or FYI
  • Practice performance & optimisation: Dashboard Insights
  • Client proposals, agreements and billing: Ignition
  1. Featured app
    Accountant tools, Practice manager


    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Practice manager
    AccountKit is to accountants & bookkeepers what the V8 engine is to petrol heads. It’s an incredibly powerful suite of tools that will have your Xero Practice Manager purring so efficiently you’ll be taking care of even the most arduous tasks in no time.
  2. Accountant tools, Practice manager


    4.95 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Practice manager
    Ignition helps accounting and professional services businesses reclaim time, profitability and cash flow. Automate proposals, billing, payment collection and workflows in a single platform to transform how your firm engages clients, bills and gets paid.
  3. Accountant tools, Practice manager

    Dashboard Insights

    5 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Practice manager
    Drive business performance & profits with Dashboard Insights. Our tailored business dashboards transform real-time data into actionable insights. Maximise profitability, streamline jobflow, optimise reporting, and empower teams with data-driven decisions. Ensure 100% visibility, 100% of the time.
  4. Practice manager


    5 out of 5 stars
    Practice manager
    Cloud Onboarding Automation for Practices. Client Agreements, Renewals, Surveys, Authority & Consents: E-signed, then 1-click upload to Xero XPM/WFM.
  5. Accountant tools, Documents


    4.8 out of 5 stars
    Accountant tools, Documents
    With SuiteFiles, you get a fully integrated document management system for managing all your files, emails and client documents in the cloud.
  6. Documents, Practice manager


    4.84 out of 5 stars
    Documents, Practice manager
    FYI is a cloud document management and automation engine for accountants in practice. It’s a way of re-engineering email and document management and automating processes to save time on repetitive tasks and improve accuracy.
Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.