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Charlotte Strong
Although we are so new to Next Minute and we have so much more that we will be able to do in the future with it, our company is already enjoying so many of the benefits. Being able to allocate staff members to jobs, quickly get files/photos etc to them on the go and record their hours and calculate time sheets is awesome. From an owners perspective of being able to allocate costs to jobs and have factual information on job profit is also great! We love the quick and really helpful support we have had from the Next Minute team as we completed the set up and had questions as we got started. Thank you!
Teresa Walker
This app has changed our business for the better. Easy to use and the team love it. The team at next minute are on hand for any questions we have and have made this learning transition smooth. Great work
Richard Leaning
I have used Next minute to run my handyman business for the past few years, it has really helped us to manage the jobs, and keep track of all the costs. they have been consistently upgrading and refreshing the app with lots of new cool features too.
Gabe Manson

Game Changer

I've been using NextMinute for over four years now and I don't no how I could get thorough a day without NextMinute at my finger tips If its a big job or the smallest of jobs I'm using it every day My life is soo much easier with NextMinute

Essential !!

Nextminute saves time and money! Simple to use with a friendly team that are glad to assist. We use it for timesheets, job numbers, costs, quoting, and job planning on the calendar. When i need to i can analyze all that data and create reports and figures for every job. I am so glad we have eliminated the need for paper, and this makes everyone's life easier! Electrical Contractor - UK
Norma McCarty

Awesome app

Awesome app which we use for timesheets, scheduling job, keeping notes and photos on our jobs. There are a lot more functionality that we need to explore on. The best thing though is Next minute listens to feedback, are always there to help and keep updating the app based on what the users say!
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