Simplifying budgets and reporting for NZ schools, including the Kiwi Park model reporting. Email reports to budget holders in one step. Easy as...

    This is the easy online solution for NZ schools using Xero.

    Monty utilises the online power of Xero, but with easy budget entry and reporting, including the Kiwi Park model. Full chart budget entry is available and once Xero codes are mapped, management reporting is quick. Email reports to budget holders - saving time with the advantage of using Monty!

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    Monty + Xero

    Xero is synced to Monty every night or at the click of a refresh button during the day, providing up to date integration with Xero data and any changes to the chart of accounts.

    Monty is used for the quick, easy budget entry and enables budgets to be added to balance sheet codes. Monty enables grouping for management reporting as well as category mapping for the mandatory NZ Ministry of Education reporting that schools are required to use.

    Once Xero account codes are mapped Monty provides quick reporting for management purposes, and emailing reports to budget holders and teachers is almost 'a click of a button' saving time for busy administration staff. The KiwiPark reports allow exports for fast entry into the MOE KiwiPark model input tab - just subtotals per category - and Excel exports for auditors.

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