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Melinda Munro
Minute Dock is a terrific app on its own but the seamless connection to Xero makes it even more useful for this small business. I like to have good quality financials, but I don't have the staff. Between these two apps, I get what I need with ease. It also helps that my accountants are Xero Silver award winners (Hawkins & Co.)
Nicola Harvey
Minutedock works very well for my practice, highly recommended, links very well with Xero, have not had any issues with the link and have now been using for over 18 months now.
Kieren Smith
Fantastic software! I absolutely love MinuteDock, once you figure out the way it works (and it's easy to figure out thanks to the short and easy to understand tutorials) It's so fast to use and easily exports to Xero. I recommend it to all my freelancer buddies. There are some things I'd like to see improved but the team is receptive to improvements. Keep up the good work and I look forward ot seeing new features implemented down the track.
Nicola Edie
I use Minute Dock for my Bookkeeping Business. After trialling a number of similar apps I went with Minute Dock for it's user friendliness and simplicity. Plus it is fun to use, and well priced. The start/stop nature of our business with the timer function is perfect. The transition from Time to Invoice to push through to Xero sales is easy. My contractor logs his time and I can set work for him to budget his time against too.
Stella Gooch
I love MinuteDock but find it frustrating that it is limited to fixed time periods. I have a retainer client who insists on a rolling contract which can run into 6 week periods. Is there any way MinuteDock can make the period more flexible I wonder. If it were not for this I would rate it a full 5 stars.
Aidan Malone
We are an accountancy firm based in Northern Ireland and a Xero Gold partner. Minutedock is a great add on for Xero for those wanting to record their time & then take those bills across to Xero seamlessly. It is very easy to use and easy to navigate, keeps it simple too which is the best thing about using software.
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