AccountKit is to accountants & bookkeepers what the V8 engine is to petrol heads. It’s an incredibly powerful suite of tools that will have your Xero Practice Manager purring so efficiently you’ll be taking care of even the most arduous tasks in no time.

    Winner of Xero Industry-Specific App Partner of the Year

    Frustrated by how time consuming everyday accounting and bookkeeping tasks could be, accountants Paul and Paula Murray created AccountKit to help you perform at your peak, by automating tasks and giving you greater visibility within your practice.

    More than just a powerful suite of tools, AccountKit brings all relevant client information together into a central client group dashboard. So you’ll always have correspondence, integration data and more, right there at your fingertips.

    Performance Enhancing Tools

    Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool: This much loved tool automates a process that has always been manual and time consuming. It uses an ingenious auto-match functionality to reconcile inter-entity loans between multiple accounts across Xero files. The tool also centralises all inter-entity loans into a single place, so accounts can be reconciled continuously rather you than having to wait for EOFY.

    Equipment Finance Tool: Equipment finance schedules are generally spread across a number of client folders, which as any accountant will tell you, is a huge time waster for a practice. This tool cleverly tracks and automates all equipment finance schedules across your practice, enabling you and your team to build out a finance schedule and reconcile in real time.

    Division 7a Tool: The Division 7a Tool is incredibly easy to use, yet so powerful it literally leaves the ATO Calculator for dust. It helps you streamline and simplify the creation of Division 7a schedules and also gives you a centralised view of Div7a loans across your practice, a client group or entity.

    Client Map Tool: The human brain processes visual information much faster than the written word, yet many accountants resist creating diagrams to educate and inform their clients, as they are hugely time consuming to create.

    This easy to use auto-build tool quickly creates diagrams of business structures, software and process maps and more for you to share with your clients. They can also be saved, updated and exported as a PDF when needed, with every change synced instantly with Xero Practice Manager.

    Correspondence Register: Your practice will become much more efficient when you have every single client phone call, file note, meeting note, SMS and email conveniently stored in the Correspondence Register. You’ll also be able to deliver a more streamlined client experience by using built-in AccountKit text templates for consistency across your comms.


    The tools above are just a handful of the proven performers you’ll find in AccountKit. There are 4 subscription levels, based on the number of non-individual clients within your practice. Then you only pay for the tools you use!

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    AccountKit + Xero

    = High Performance Accounting

    AccountKit has a two-way sync with Xero Practice Manager, which ensures data is consistent and up to date across both. It also offers this same functionality with Xero itself, so you can sync clients data with AccountKit for reconciliation of entries and posting of journals, and then sync back to Xero as needed.

    No tools required to get started Unlike when you tinker under the bonnet of a car, you don’t need any great expertise to get up and running with AccountKit. It’s not quite child’s play, but it comes pretty close.

    Why not put AccountKit to the test with a free 14 day trial? You don’t even need a credit card to sign up. We should warn you though, once you get a taste for high performance accounting it’s hard to go back to the way you currently do things!

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    Kirsty Blake


    Having just gone through a change of email addresses for our team - Matt was a great support to help us understand and go through the process for all our team members in updating their details
    Michelle Lanigan


    Just started using. Love the inter-entity tool, real time saver.
    Debbie Hodson
    We have just started using AccountKit and its been hugely beneficial to our business! Paul has been incredible in answering all my questions and getting us running smoothly. Highly recommended!
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