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By Controlc
5 out of 5 stars
Automated, unlimited, daily backup and business continuity service for your Xero, Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax. Data is backed up to NZ data centres, plus optional sync to your own datacenter or local PC/Server or a common cloud storage provider such as DropBox, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive


We believe that everyone should have uninhibited access to all of your data stored in 'the cloud’, Xero being no exception - Xero Blue and Xero Practice Manager.

We provide the tools to empower you, the owner, access to your valuable financial data stored in Xero and the means to repatriate your data back to a location of your choosing. You will not only be complying with Xero’s ‘Terms of Use’, but also local tax regulations and compliance when it comes to your data sovereignty.

Xero users and Xero partners also use Control-C to safeguard against “uncontrollable” events which will ensure that their businesses can keep operating.

Xero partners can also subscribe on behalf of their clients as an in-house solution for ‘peace of mind’ and a ‘near data-insurance solution’, while others such as MSP's or CSP's use Control-C as a value-add service, offering an incremental revenue opportunity.

Backing up your financial data is only 'Part A', we also provide the ability to read, search, export, print, reconstitute your financial accounts and even raise invoices in the event of access being lost to Xero for any reason - you will also want to get to your 'Accounts Receivable' as a minimum to keep your business alive.

The risk of data loss is real, whether through cyber attacks or single or multiple ‘3rd party' service outages that are not under the direct control of Xero such as AWS or infrastructure.

As a business owner, you are solely responsible for maintaining copies of your data entered into Xero services.

Here are some of our Key features

  • Automated, Unlimited backups, forever of all your Xero Accounting data
  • Data Export to XML or XLSX and PDF
  • Local Storage - Data Sovereignty
  • Direct integration and data sync to your own infrastructure
  • Includes all Accounting data, Attachments, History and full Journal.
  • 3rd party integration - with other cloud storage providers
  • Secure
  • Off-line access to your data
  • API integration with your own IT services
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Controlc + Xero

Once your account is connected your backups will automatically start within the next 24hr cycle (there is a manual start option too if you can't wait).

The Control-C user portal will allow you to check on the status of your backup, manage your account details and provides the option to download various components of the backed up data, such as all financial data, attachments or Journal in XML or XLSX format.

In the unlikely event that you should have an issue, we are here to help and can be reached through our support portal or by directly emailing us at

Failing this, if it is urgent our you would just like to talk to a person here at Control-C, please call us on one of the numbers listed on our website.

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Lorraine Adams
5 out of 5 stars
Looking for a back-up/restore solution. Already have reservations about restores that actually involve a hell of a lot of work/missing info etc. It's late on Sunday evening. Search Xero backup. Rewind website first - looks promising, hand over e-mail address, to discover they want me to call them to let them know what we want form a Xero back-up service. They don't actually have one yet!! Backupmybooks website - the experience was another give us your name & e-mail address first & then we'll hand you over to a chatbot, with no hope of an answer, yet alone conversation. But we will bombard you with e-mails. Another deadend & addition to my blocked senders list in Outlook. Control-C - BINGO! Chatted with Campbell within a minute or two, (definitely a real person!), & read the refreshingly honest view that Xero data could not readily be backed-up (I miss the Sage days!) yet alone restored, so be very skeptical about claims that say you can. Agreed - I already am having fallen foul of this in the past. I appreciate honesty instead of over selling. I also appreciate software providers that talk to me like an adult, and not like a child. So, I am now starting the trial, and looking forward to having all those docs & transactions that we are putting into Xero's hands backed up effortlessly, as well as data & changes info, and.......the more I read, the more keen I am. Far more functionality beyond back-ups than I could have imagined, and lots of 5 star ratings in Xero & elsewhere online. Thanks Campbell & Control-C
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Steve Osborn
5 out of 5 stars
We've used Control-C to backup our Xero data for a long time now. Fortunately we've never lost any Xero data, but its re-assuring to know you have something to fall back on if the worst were to happen. When we have needed support the team at Control-C have always been very good to work with in my experience. Definitely a crew that care about their product and customers. Recommended.
Neil Farnham-Smith
5 out of 5 stars
Xero only provides a limited API, so no backup solution is complete but in a disaster I wanted to have data I could sort and tidy to have something rather than nothing. Control-C came highly recommended by Xero users. Control-C provides the best I could find in terms of feature set. Their control panel allows me to download attached files (evidence attached to bills so that I can recover suppliers invoices) and XML data of all transactions which appears to go to line level. There were a few teething issues, but Campbell, Emil and his team have worked continually to get things up and running. My teething issues were as a result of API limits set by Xero, but Control-C have persisted and now the initial bulk of data has exported differential backups each night should remain within the API limits. Their control panel also has a side benefit beyond backups as it shows what changed day to day. Especially useful if a remote accountant makes changes and you then cannot identify what they changed, the backup gives you a clear view of what others have changed and messed up.

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By Controlc
Added in 2023


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