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By Xemplo
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Simplifying workforce management to enable businesses and service providers to achieve their goals and grow. Designed by HR, staffing and payroll experts to support the compliant worker life cycle from end to end.
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December 2023
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Xemplo is built on the foundation that managing a workforce compliantly shouldn't be complicated. We recognise the common challenges businesses face are when managing specific functions within the end-to-end life cycle of workers.

Smarter Hiring

From the start of the worker journey, Xemplo provides the ability to source new starters from a library of job boards or via your free hiring page. With features such as automated resume parsing and talent pooling, the task of finding the right candidate for the job is faster than ever.

For users of ATS platforms such as Bullhorn or JobAdder, we provide seamless integration to automate the transfer of your approved placements into Xemplo to start the onboarding process.

Transforming Onboarding

Xemplo provides a streamlined, paperless onboarding solution that simplifies the process of welcoming new hires. Customisable to allow for different onboarding experiences for different roles, Xemplo collates the collection of personal details, payroll details, accreditations and work rights into a single unified workflow.

For contracts and policy documentation, Xemplo provides built-in resources that are designed and maintained by our in-house legal professionals. Our easy to use contract builder allows you to cater employment frameworks to suit your specific requirements whilst still maintaining integrity.

Tailored training

Use a course from our built-in library or build your own courses using the intuitive course builder. Design your training requirements and then easily deploy them to your workforce, all whilst receiving live feedback on engagement and assessment results.

Easier accreditation management

Xemplo not only handles the collection of accreditation such as licences and work rights but also manages the renewal and review process. For work rights, our native integration with VEVO provides an automated way to check work rights during the onboarding process and on-going throughout the worker’s engagement.

Empowering payroll

By integrating with the power of Xero Payroll, Xemplo users can easily synchronise worker information and eliminate the need for double data entry. Payroll managers can process payroll for new starters with ease, knowing that workers have supplied their details in an onboarding experience that collects everything in the one place - no more chasing up missing tax declaration forms or super details.

Comprehensive contractor management

For clients managing contingent workforces, either as a staffing provider or recruitment company, our Time to Bill feature allows for the efficient processing of worker timesheets, payment of workers and invoicing of clients across multiple projects. Configurable rate templates power the interpretation of timesheets, including the ability to set on-costs for the efficient generation of margin reporting. Invoices seamless sync to your Xero account for reconciliation, ensuring that your GL is always kept up to date.

Xemplo + Xero


Once onboarded, worker records are exported to Xero and created as a new employee. This worker record includes basic worker details, bank details, superannuation / pension details and tax declaration. Please note that functionality varies depending on region.


Invoices exported from Xemplo are created as an invoice in Xero, including the ability to configure account codes for specific clients or working types.

Customer Contacts

When invoices are exported, Xemplo will detect if the customer is new and, if so, will automatically create the customer contact in Xero eliminating the need to setup customers manually.


RCTIs exported from Xemplo are created as a purchase in Xero, including the ability to configure account codes for specific suppliers or working types.

Supplier Contacts

When RCTIs are exported, Xemplo will detect if the supplier is new and, if so, will automatically create the supplier contact in Xero eliminating the need to setup suppliers manually.


Once payroll batches are created in Xemplo they can be exported to a Xero Payrun for processing. The export includes the worker’s gross salary but also any expenses to be reimbursed and leave taken. Integration settings allow you to configure pay items, calendars and applicable leave types to suit your requirements. Please note that functionality varies depending on region.

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