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Float Cashflow Forecasting

By Float Cashflow Forecasting
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Float helps project-based companies manage their cash. Make better business decisions with visual forecasts for any scenario - and predict when you’ll run out of cash.
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Float blows away brittle spreadsheets and gives business owners a fast, confident, and reliable way to build visual financial forecasts - so you can make better decisions and build a more sustainable business.

Lumpy cash flow can be a headache for any business that relies on project-based payments, for example consultancies, construction firms, agencies, or IT businesses.

  • Can we afford a new hire?
  • Should we upgrade our equipment?
  • What happens if we win or lose this project?
  • How will this unexpected bill affect our payroll?
  • When will we run out of cash?

Simply toggle each scenario or project on or off with a click to build visual forecasts that reflect a range of potential cash flow outcomes.

Forecast Confidence indicates how much you can rely on each forecast - and tracks the date that your business is scheduled to run out of cash.

You can ditch your spreadsheets and save countless hours each week.

It only takes minutes to generate clear and credible visual forecasts that will help you make confident and sustainable business decisions.

Float Cashflow Forecasting
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Float Cashflow Forecasting + Xero

Float imports your Xero transactions and helps you build business scenarios as ‘visual forecasts’ - which gives you a firm grasp on your present and future cash flow.

Understand your cash position. Add your cash flow expectations or use Float’s auto-suggestions. Track your predictions against reality as actual bills, invoices, and transactions are added.

Use Forecast Confidence to know when to make big decisions. Your ‘Forecast Confidence’ score tells you when to make decisions or hold off. It analyzes Xero transactions in your cash flow and gives you a glanceable confidence score.

Prepare for every business event with Scenarios. Use Scenarios to see the impact of your strategic decisions. Toggle scenarios on and off and visualise how moving offices or reducing costs affects your cash.

Use Projects to explore their impact. Capture individual project income and visualise the cash flow of each project and explore the overall impact of project income and costs.

Track your company ‘end date’. Set a cash reserve limit and track the date you'll hit it. Use your ‘end date’ to gauge the impact, risk and business sustainability of each scenario.

Ditch your spreadsheets and save hours each week. Replace countless spreadsheets with one dashboard. Free yourself to think strategically, respond faster - and win more customers.

Import invoices and bills. Automatically import your invoices and bills from Xero to track any outstanding payments and generate more accurate visual forecasts.

Export and share insights. Share forecasts as CSV or PDF documents - or add stakeholders as Float users.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
321 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Karissa De Lima
Posted 23 May 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Ease of Use

Float Cashflow Forecasting App is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a user-friendly solution for managing their cash flow. Its intuitive interface, simple setup process, clear visuals, automated updates, and easy scenario planning make it a standout tool in the financial forecasting space. Whether you're a seasoned finance professional or a small business owner with limited financial knowledge, Float makes cash flow forecasting accessible and straightforward.
Robert Misselbrook
Posted 16 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great app - but could be better

This is a great App but could do with having VAT calculated automatically and including Payroll on the Insight function for comparing actual to budget.

Response from Float Cashflow Forecasting

Hi Robert, we're continually looking at new ways to improve and add to Float and VAT is definitely on our radar. Really appreciate your comments, which will be passed on to the Product team 😁
Janette Dekker
Posted 25 Mar 2024
5 out of 5 stars
Just started using Float and impressed with the ease of use and the data it produces. This is replacing our current CFF completed on a spreadsheet. This will save heaps of time and is a great addition to our existing financial management tools. Great service from Jane and the crew at Float as well.

Response from Float Cashflow Forecasting

Thanks for your kind words Janette. Always happy to help 😄

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By Float Cashflow Forecasting
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