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Vistr Forecasting

By Vistr Forecasting
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Cash flow forecasting made easy. Automate your forecasting with Vistr's predictive algorithms & Xero data. Plan payments & avoid being caught out.
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November 2014


Vistr — cash flow forecasting made easy!
Solve your cash flow. Know your position. Plan your net move.

Vistr is simple, easy, fast and offers a FREE plan to start with!
It’s the best way to forecast your cash flow! Vistr enables you to:

  • See the future — Know how much cash you have and how long will last; Forecast by week, quarter, year;
  • Have complete control of your cash — Easily adjust supplier/customer payment dates. Set rules for each cost category.
  • Customise your forecast using your chart of accounts and enabling you to add custom items for projects and scenarios
  • Manager your costs and understand your cash flow risk;
  • Smart algorithms predict major periodic payments for Tax (GST/VAT) and Payroll (employees, PAYG taxes, entitlements Pension/Superannuation)
  • Always be up to date — Vistr sync's daily with Xero and applies your forecast rules automatically to the latest balances
  • Integrate your budgets into your forecast
  • Collaborate with others (owners, staff, advisors and accountants)

With VISTR you can ditch your spreadsheet, there is no transaction data entry, no complex formulas... and once you set your rules its always up-to-date.

Vistr Forecasting + Xero

Vistr integrates directly to Xero and accesses your

  • Bank accounts, Chart of Accounts and Balances
  • Historical Transactions (to predict timing of future in/out flows), and
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable (for you to schedule)

You select your approach to making a forecast:

  • Simple (Money in vs. Money Out), or
  • Custom (matching your chart of accounts).

Vistr enables you to see your cash flow forecast over two time horizons short- term (12 weeks), and longer term (12 months). You then simply:

  • Schedule your Invoices (In/Out),
  • Set periodic rules to apply to each cost category, and
  • Set the period where scheduled invoices override the rules to creat a more accurate forecast.

You can add custom items that appear only in Vistr, and import/export your XERO budgets.

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Most recent reviews

Matthew Bailey
Posted 28 Jun 2019
1 out of 5 stars
This software seems to be abandoned. It has some bugs, no option to delete account, and the contact email address no longer exists.
Adele Niemand
Posted 14 Dec 2018
1 out of 5 stars
I subscribed to the application but found it wasn't for us since the support is very poor and there is no option to unsubscribe. I started a chat with the bod called Boyd; but it never provided feedback and even after contacting the support email, there was no response.
Andrei Glushchenko
Posted 28 May 2015
I just tried to work with it. There is one problem, it fails to load our trading account balance. It just shows 0 The bank name is ASB and is located in New Zealand. Is there any way to fix it. Thanks

Response from Vistr Forecasting

Andrei this page is just for the review of Vistr - which is why you're only able to reply once! You can either post your question in the Using Xero Add-ons section (, or contact Vistr for help on this. Thanks.

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By Vistr Forecasting
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