Parolla is a payroll application that integrates directly with Irish Revenue and Xero. Parolla was written for Irish tax law and is based in Waterford

    Parolla is a payroll application that integrates directly with Irish Revenue and Xero. The system provides multi-user role access levels. Owners, advisors, accountants, payroll administrators and staff all have their own view of the payroll data. The workflow eliminates double entry, reduces errors, decreases processing time and improves the transparency of the payroll process.

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    Parolla + Xero

    Parolla processes employee payslips and generates matching accounts payable invoices (or manual journals) in Xero. Payments, benefits, deductions and taxes are coded to the Xero chart of accounts.

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    Marie Lavelle
    I've used quite a few payroll softwares and Parolla in my opinion is up there with the best of them. The customer support is excellent which makes it so much easier when the occasional unusual scenario crops up. No waiting and an actual person at the end of the chat that wants to resolve your problem.
    Ralph Smith
    Works great, fantastic support
    Ger White
    We've been using Parolla for a while now. I have NO payroll experience. I had starters, leavers, Admin access editing and all sorts on the first few weeks which was a true baptism of fire, and I breezed through it all. Parolla is a piece of cake. It's just data entry. And the Parolla team took the time with little anticipatory reminders in the background checking to ensure I was aware of all the powerful features of the system and where to find certain help docs etc. All questions were answered pretty much instantly. I have yet to come across such an outstanding Customer Service experience (with the exception of our own company!). The team do all but jump out of the screen to move my hands around the keyboard. You do not need an iota of experience in wage runs to use this.
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