EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

    EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It's a user-friendly web application that anyone can use with little or no training. It puts all your customers, products and orders in one place in the cloud. This gives you visibility and control over your stock as it moves through your workflow.

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    EMERGE App + Xero

    EMERGE App syncs on demand with Xero so that you're in total control of what documents are exported. It lets you map your invoices and receipts to a chart of accounts in Xero so that the right records are exported to the correct accounts. You can select some or all of your documents to be exported at once.

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    Rohana Jaffe
    I have been using emerge with xero for three years now and couldn't be happier. We use emerge for our entire sales process - quotes, sales order (proforma invoices - very flexible as it allows you to rename your documents according to regional requirements). We can create multiple packing lists for one order if shipments are split and also for invoices. Customer support is excellent and Ben and his team is always on hand to help solve any problems. Emerge was the only system I found which allowed us to customise the information we entered for products as well as what appears on documentation which gets sent to suppliers and clients. You can upload images on the quotes, sales order etc which many of our clients require and which is very useful (and a lot of Xero users have been requesting for some time now, so could be interesting to them). User interface is pleasing, and documents which are sent from the system are well designed and professional looking. There is also a client portal which allows you to display products for individual clients allowing them to reorder easily. Another great feature is that if you have a an order with products from multiple suppliers, it automatically creates separate purchase orders for you, eliminating the need to recreate these manually and double check constantly. Integration with xero is smooth, and we send over our invoices periodically which come thorugh to xero with no issues. Highly recommend emerge!
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