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Virtual Finance Director

By Virtual Finance Director
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Effortless reporting, analysis and forecasting, enabling accountants to improve the future financial performance of clients within their portfolio.
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VFD Pro delivers instant financial advisory to support businesses at every stage of their lifecycle, from Start-Up through to Exit.

Connect a business in less than 10 seconds and within minutes you have access to a complete suite of financial analysis and models which enable you to understand past performance and predict future performance.

VFD Pro have helped thousands of business owners around the world better understand their businesses, enabling them to increase profitability and achieve maximum value when they exit.

Start-Up Funding Proposal - Prepare a detailed proposal to accompany a funding application for a start-up. Identify the key deliverables and monitor performance to ensure you remain on track.

Future Focus - Create a future focused meeting agenda in under 5 minutes. Demonstrating the current value of the business and the potential for the future.

Regular Reporting - Every business owner serious about growth and efficient management of their business needs a regular review of their Management Information. The best part about it is that there is nothing for you to do, our team of CFOs have designed all our output which is automatically prepared for you.

Planning & Forecasting - VFD Pro provides you with all the tools necessary to set the financial strategy for a business, identify exactly what is required to achieve it and the ability to monitor performance against it.

Exit Planning - Everything you need to help build equity value and when the time comes, to exit successfully. Including valuations and due diligence.

Virtual Finance Director
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Virtual Finance Director + Xero

Utilising transactional level detail, the Virtual Finance Director automates the complete process of data extraction, interpretation and analysis, opportunity/risk identification and resolution to deliver profit growth.

Setup takes a matter of seconds and the Virtual Finance Director is constantly connected to the source data. As soon as the data is synced, you will start to benefit from automated reporting, insightful analysis, intuitive business intelligence dashboards, KPI alerts and a lot more.

Our white label reporting and dashboard output means you can start to provide your clients with considerably more value than is offered by conventional management accounts.

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Sharon Hirsch
Posted 31 May 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Tool

I found this great from the off. The set up and connection to accounting software was seamless. The reports offer a huge amount of detail which is extremely valuable to our clients and the training from VDF on their usage is unique in its depth. The response from support is always excellent and they are keen to hear about improvements which is something I love.
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Chris Metcalf
Posted 12 Apr 2023
5 out of 5 stars

In depth data extracted easily

VFD Pro allows us to extract in depth data on our clients performance, presents the data in an understandble way, and makes it easy to extract the data. The training VFD provide also covers a lot more than just how to use the software, it helps deliver advisory services and gives you access to a wealth of experience.
Peter Smith
Posted 20 Feb 2023
5 out of 5 stars
This is an excellent piece of software that should enhance the tool kit of any forward looking accountancy professional.

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By Virtual Finance Director
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