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Clarity helps accountants, bookkeepers & advisors to introduce and/or scale business advisory services. Clarity is a systemised business strategy & goal setting tool that enables business owners to understand and improve their numbers and create a clear strategic plan to build their ideal business.

Clarity is a global platform that combines the power of cutting-edge technology and proven award-winning systems to enable our members (accountants, bookkeepers and advisers) to create, package, price and deliver added-value business advisory services to their small business clients. By doing this, we help them increase revenue by 50%, net profits by 125%, engage their team, free up time and create freedom - helping their clients to do the same along the way.

In this digital age, starting a business is easier than ever before. But staying in business is tougher than ever. More than 50% of businesses fail within the first five years and only 10% last more than ten.

Using Clarity you will make it easier for small business clients to thrive by bridging the gap between financial data and the practical business insights required to build a sustainable business. Our platform will help small business owners to understand their numbers, manage and access cash and create a business that works.

Business advisory made simple:

In one platform, the business owner can be taken through the whole business advisory process. Ideally this should be done with their accountant who can talk them through their 7 key numbers, where they want to get to, how to fill the gap, create a plan to get there and then measure and monitor results against it. The accountants provide that secret sauce: accountability. You’re statistically 78% more likely to achieve something with someone to hold you to account.

Clarity enables even junior members of the team to have a business advisory conversation, or directors/partners to prepare on-the-fly when there’s limited time, in a numbers led and systematic way.

The main benefits for accounting, bookkeeping and advisory firms are:

  • Additional revenue from new service lines
  • Scalable business advisory services for all clients
  • Sales funnel created for bigger ticket advisory work
  • Junior members of the team have more variety and involvement with clients.
  • Freeing up your time - historically most advisory work was delivered by the partners and directors. Now your whole team can use Clarity to grow better relationships with your clients and help them build their ideal business.
  • Increasing ROI on your other apps by signposting in the action plans

Clarity is the business advisory platform that's making business simple so that business owners can have a better business, a better life and contribute towards a better world!

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Clarity HQ + Xero

Clarity extracts your Xero profit and loss and balance sheet data to calculate the 7 key numbers of your business. This looks at profitability, cash flow, productivity and business return. You can then play with these 7 key numbers to see what targets and goals you'd like to create in profit and cash generating an action plan to help you do it. Furthermore, you can now create a financial plan, including a P&L forecast and then monitor actual vs plan. The complete business advisory platform.

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Alex Smith

Great tool for higher value conversations

Clarity is a simple yet powerful tool to open the door to more client engagement on the topics that appeal to them and for us are more interesting than basic compliance. The initial training is superb, and ongoing support from the clarity team first class. Have only started using the system recently but can see scope for immediate gains in extra GRF.
Dayle Rodriguez

Absolutely essential, but not just the tech...

Just use Clarity, give them a call...send them an email tweet them... etc Just get in touch. Why? I shall explain below.... 700+ apps on the Xero app marketplace. As an accounting firm, or sole practitioner, how do you know which ones to choose? Choose the app that was built by accountants that have run a firm, that know what 21st century accounting is about and helps to explain the numbers to clients easily in plain English. That is what Clarity does, you can give your clients management accounts that make sense, help them grow their businesses without it costing them time! This app does not replace you as the experience/educated professional it enhances your service offering infinitely!!! Furthermore the support you get from the Clarity team is second to none, that is what you really pay for with an app partner like Clarity and it is worth every penny! Trust me, I know! If Amakari Services ever becomes worthy of note, it will be in part to partners like Clarity and I will not hesitate to give them shine. p.s. Sam Tasker-Grindly, Steven Briginshaw and the Clarity team are all living legends. Just get in touch with anyone from Clarity, there app and service are ESSENTIAL (I have not been paid to endorse this app. Side note: Rodriguez for PM 2043)
Jamie Williams

Scalable Advisory

Have been using Clarity for 2 months now. The support given by the team, notably Sam has been up there with the best support provided by a software vendor. The software itself, is great in that its keeps things simple and allows you to show clients the potential increase in profit and cash if the 7 key numbers are altered in a matter of seconds. It is a great starting point for advisory work and the simplicity allows scalability, bringing in team members who would not normally get involved in the advisory process.
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