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Biller Genie is an award-winning, cloud-based accounts receivable automation and e-invoicing solution that automates accounts receivable from bill presentment, follow up, collection, and reconciliation - without changing your current process.


Biller Genie integrates directly with Xero, so there is no new software to learn and you can keep your existing payments processor. The Genie does all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply hit save and we take over from there - sending out invoices via email or paper mail, following up with reminders on your custom schedule, accepting payments online via credit card, ACH, and Apple Pay, and reconciling payments back into Xero.

Our average subscriber sees a 40% reduction in overdue invoices, gets paid 15 days faster, and saves 10-20 hours of administrative work per week. Your account can be set up in less than 15 minutes.

Features: ● Automatically send branded invoices on your custom schedule via email or paper mail with the Invoice Messenger. ● A branded customer portal, where your customers can view invoices and make secure payments 24/7. ● Integrated online credit card, ACH, and Apple Pay payments. ● Pass on credit card processing fees to your customers. ● Send branded invoices via paper mail, with no effort on your part. ● Add late fees to encourage positive payment behavior. ● Customers can set up auto pay and never miss a payment. ● Customers can set up payment plans to break up larger invoices or make bulk payments to pay for several at once.

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Biller Genie + Xero

● When you create an invoice in Xero, Biller Genie takes over. As soon as your customer makes a payment using Biller Genie, it automatically posts to Xero. ● Customer data in your Xero account automatically gets sent to Biller Genie. When you make an update on one platform, it syncs to the other. ● All transactions made in Xero are automatically pulled into Biller Genie, and payments are reconciled to ensure invoices align across both platforms. ● If an invoice is updated in Xero, it will upload to Biller Genie and trigger the Invoice Messenger tool to send follow-up emails on your set schedule.

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Paul Holstein

Super simple invoice distribution and collection

Biller Genie couldn't be easier to use or more practical. There is a direct API connection between Biller Genie and Xero and it works flawlessly in both directions. I enter my invoices in Xero and they are immediately e-mailed or mailed to the customer. From there, Biller Genie handles the credit card processing, ACH, and dunning. My customers get an online portal to see their payment history and everyone is happy. Highly recommended.
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