Float Cashflow Forecasting

    Get a real-time view of your cashflow, scenario plan for the what-ifs and make more confident decisions about the future of your business. Cash flow forecasting you can trust.

    Float provides an award-winning, intuitive solution to cash flow forecasting and management that business owners can easily understand and take action on. Float for Xero provides you with a real-time, accurate and visual cash flow forecast that will help you spot cash fluctuations in advance and have confidence in your future plans.

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    Float Cashflow Forecasting + Xero

    Float integrates seamlessly with Xero to build a visual, easy-to-understand picture of your current and future cash. Simply enter your cash forecasts for what you expect to happen each month (or use our auto-forecast option), and Float will keep these updated every day with bills, invoices and actuals so you can track your budget vs. actuals automatically. We import every bill and invoice from Xero, enabling you to set accurate 'expected' payment dates that can be different from the official due date, making your forecast a true reflection of your cash position.

    Float also offers scenario planning, so you can easily see what different decisions might look like for your business. Can you afford to hire new staff, expand to another location, or lose a client? Find out easily and visually in Float. Faster and simpler than Excel. Plus it never goes out of date!

    In Float you can:

    Understand your cash position, right now
    Get a clear picture of your past and future cash transactions each day. Use Float to drill down to what’s going to happen next week, or forecast out to the full year or more.

    Compare your budgets vs your actuals
    Float helps you easily compare your actuals to your forecasts to see how accurate your forecasting has been in the past, enabling you to set more accurate predictions in the future.

    Scenario plan for the what-ifs
    Model different hypothetical cash situations to see how they compare to your actual forecast. Planning to hire a new employee, or want to see if you can afford to lose that client? Find out if your plans are feasible with a few simple clicks.

    Spot cash fluctuations in advance
    Having a visual picture of your cash will help you spot cash shortages and surpluses well before they happen, giving you plenty of time to secure funding or reinvest surplus cash.

    Import invoices and bills
    Unlike other tools, Float automatically imports all invoices and bills from Xero to track against your projections. Easily see all outstanding invoices and bills, and update when you actually think they’ll be paid, keeping your forecast accurate.

    Export and share insights
    Export your forecast to a CSV or PDF to show your forecast to your stakeholders. Visit the Insights tab to find out how accurate your budgeting has been with our budget variance report, layer multiple scenarios to help you make informed decisions, drill into the detail of each line on your chart of accounts, and more.

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    Julie St John

    Just what we needed!

    We are a small nonprofit organization and it was difficult initially to find an app that would allow us to keep an eye on our evolving bottom line. I'm happy (it's intuitive and easy to set up) and my Board is happy (no more machinations with Excel). Thank you, Float Team!

    Amazing Simplicity

    Float has been a great tool for our clients. It's extremely simple to use and easy to keep track of. Our clients love it.
    Rob Mackean

    Great app for operational cash flows

    Float was straightforward to set up and works well for appropriate use cases. You won't get a P & L or a balance sheet but you will get a view of forward cash which can be as granular as you like, down to days if necessary. It's worth spending the time to set it up properly and understand the data that feeds through from Xero. Also note that the more up to date Xero is, the more reliable Float's forecast will be.
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