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Datapel Cloud.WMS

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Dominic Posner
Posted 29 Oct 2021
5 out of 5 stars
I have been working for WMS for 15 years and more recently, I have been implementing WMS for my Xero customers. Whilst Xero is a great accounting product, its' inventory functions are very lightweight. Integrating with WMS opens up some brilliant functionality including batch/serial number tracking, bin management, expiry date tracking, scanning, MRP, multi-warehouse tracking, contract pricing and manufacturing. I find the integration between WMS and Xero to be excellent. WMS writes the full sale and purchase transactions into Xero and you can still chose whether or not to track average costs. At the same time, WMS reads all of the Xero contacts and products so there's no double-handling. If you want to add some serious inventory functionality to your Xero file, WMS is definitely the user-friendly way to go!
Derek Mundy
Posted 27 Oct 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Great integration between WMS & Xero

Datapel allows us to seamlessly bring purchases and sales of goods into our accounting package. Since going live with the integration 12 months ago we've found the process of tracking inventory significantly easier than previously. We're able to sell in multiple currencies, with Datapel making all the fx conversions necessary. The ability to use handheld PDA scanners, and mobile print stations, means our workforce can be much more dynamic than in our earlier system, and the traceability of user activity is great.
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