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Vicky Coffman

Great add on to Xero

Excellent app that saves so much time importing from Amazon into Xero.
Bozhin Bozhinov

Great App

Great App! Time-saving and great support! Highly recommended!
Jon Hughson

Good timesaver

Has taken a lot of time & hassle out of bringing Amazon sales into Xero.
Renato Rechichi

Time saving A2X

Great app to save our clients time when importing Ebay transactions to Xero - hightly recommend A2X to e-commerce users
Mark Magnante

The App is great, but with one caveat...

Once it's all up and running then the tool is great - it helps break down the invoices and expenses from our Amazon Seller account and sync them into Xero in only a couple of clicks which helps keep everything really simple for our accountants. NB: If you are a small business and trying to keep costs down then be prepared to invest a bit of time initially to configure the system to do what you need it to. What I’m not overly keen on though is how they offer Amazon vouchers in return for customer reviews, not sure how ethical an approach this is.
Momoka Gomi

Great App and helpful customer service team behind!

We have been using A2x for quite some time now; it has improved our efficiency. It's straightforward to use once it's set up. There is always an excellent customer service team to contact when you encounter questions.
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