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bryson knight
Posted 21 Jul 2022
1 out of 5 stars

False and Misleading Conduct

Do not trust the information provided by this company. There are no checks and balances in place and it would appear anyone can lodge a default without having to prove a thing. This company is damaging the credit rating and reputation of worthy businesses and should be investigated. That in it's self is a mind field even trying to ascertain who regulates this company.
Glen Cherrett
Posted 6 Jul 2022
1 out of 5 stars
I am a hypocrite! I continue to use CreditorWatch despite having lots of problems believing their data. I have had huge problems with the interface with Xero. CreditorWatch shows details in accounts which are not mine. Several attempts have been made to correct this but we are now at a standstill with getting this corrected. CreditorWatch has had a ticket in their system for months to correct this and nothing has happened to get it sorted. I concur that CreditorWatch seems to favour certain customers and remove defaults without knowing the full story (or for that matter caring about the true story). In recent discussions with staff members of CreditorWatch they have conceded that they don't really know how their algorithms for setting credit ratings work and that this is outsourced and they don't have the right to check data or make changes. CreditorWatch is a data collector who don't have any control over how the data is collected and can have a major detrimental affect on your business.
Cynthia Hawkins
Posted 27 Aug 2020
1 out of 5 stars
I don’t trust the credit reports provided by CreditorWatch. Twice, CreditorWatch has allowed a default to be registered on my client's report. The defaults are both factually incorrect and should be removed. However, no matter how thorough our communications and detailed evidence in support of this, they refuse to remove it because "the supplier said it correct". In other words, they are ignoring documetary evidence and harming my client's credit rating. In contrast, I have another client that listed a default which was true & correct, but when the customer called CreditorWatch, the default was removed, based on the customer’s word alone. This particular default was taken to the Magistrate’s Court, where the matter was satisfactorily settled. CreditorWatch should NOT have removed this default. By removing this default, other businesses were not made aware and may have been exposed to subsequent loss based on the potential inability to pay as well. What I’m trying to say here is that CreditorWatch does not have an appropriate process for examining defaults to accuracy. They should not be trusted as a credit reporting agency. They are acting as the judge, jury and executioner, with no checks and balances or fairness. If anyone else has had this experience, please comment as I am considering taking this further.
Julianne Grove
Posted 6 Jul 2020
1 out of 5 stars
Really disappointed with CreditorWatch as we had a client on our list we weren't notified when the business went into administration and there was an accumulation of debt due to warning from CreditWatch. Then tried to cancel our account and couldn't. Tried to call CreditorWatch three times and told "Your not entitled to this service" and then hung up on.
Marlon Wambeek
Posted 11 Nov 2015
5 out of 5 stars
Review: Creditor Watch, a must for Australian businesses ( Colin Porter a small business owner who was frustrated with late payments and chasing up unpaid invoices founded Creditor Watch in January 2011. Creditor watch is designed with the purpose of being the best credit checking and debtor monitoring platform available in Australia. Giving everyday businesses the power to identify high risk clients and to ensure they make the correct decisions, based on the best possible information. Read the rest of the review ( on
Samantha Peaper
Posted 25 Aug 2015
CreditorWatch flagged a client that had a suspicious payment record so we declined to take on the work. We heard later that the client never did pay their bill which would have seriously damaged our cash flow. We use CreditorWatch credit reports for all new customers now.
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