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Wink Reports

Connect Xero and all of your add-ons to create custom reports for complete, real-time visibility across your business

Wink Reports is for business owners, team members and their advisors and integrators. Wink provides complete visibility of your business, from Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook marketing metrics to Unleashed inventory and ServiceM8 job metrics and of course Xero, turning your data into meaningful strategic and operational decision-making dashboards and reports.

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Wink Reports + Xero

Wink Reports synchronises with Xero and enables you to design your own reports and dashboards. Reports can be viewed in real-time from any device, scheduled to your inbox and posted into Slack. The complete list of Xero integration points is available here https://winkreports.com/connectors/xero/

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Added in 2017


Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States




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