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Dryrun’s scenario-based approach to cash flow is incredibly powerful. Track your AR/AP, build budgets, forecast sales & know your options.

Dryrun helps bookkeepers, accounting professionals and businesses optimize cash flow with Xero data in Dryrun by quickly and flexibly modeling and comparing future scenarios. Cash flow planning identifies issues that may affect business in the upcoming weeks and months.

Visualizing different futures means decisions become a snap; it's easy to communicate cash plans to clients.

Create cash flow forecasts with Xero data by customizing any data to match your vision of future possibilities and graph different scenarios to compare ‘what-ifs’.

Use Xero data in Dryrun to create easy cash flow forecasts for business. These forecasts are your map to look ahead and identify possible risks and opportunities that could affect your clients’ business.

Integrate sales data for future revenue planning; flexibly compare scenarios to map out growth opportunities while avoiding risks.

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Dryrun + Xero

Dryrun integrates with Xero and imports expense invoices, income invoices, and bank balance info into various scenarios so that Xero users can start managing and forecasting cash flow quickly and visually in order to direct operations strategy. Accountants and bookkeepers can communicate cash plans to clients and offer cash flow strategy easily using the most flexible cash flow forecasting app on the market.

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