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Cimplico Workpapers

By Cimplico Workpapers
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A stand-alone compliance workpaper solution for professional accounting firms. Using advanced logic and sophisticated algorithms, Cimplico Workpapers guides users throughout the preparation, review, and approval process, ensuring compliance to quality standards efficiently.
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Cimplico Workpapers is a first-class, cloud-based solution to simplify the preparation of accounting compliance workpapers.

Using advanced logic and sophisticated algorithms, Cimplico Workpapers guides users throughout the preparation, review, and approval process, ensuring compliance to quality standards efficiently.

As a solution built for modern accounting practices, it was integral Workpapers provided firms with a cloud solution focused on 3 primary aspects:

  1. Control & Governance
  2. Efficiency
  3. Visibility

What makes Workpapers great?

Trial balance-based Full compliance worksheets are automatically generated from selected accounts in the trial balance to provide users with the ability to add commentary and supporting evidence.

File management Cimplico Workpapers supports the linking of files and external links to worksheets. Files can be stored and referenced from workpapers, entities or groups. Files can be viewed within the browser or downloaded using our controlled process indicating which files have been checked in or out of the system.

Customisable procedures & checklists Checklist and procedures are built-in to the program, ensuring control and adherence to quality standards. Content data is customisable, allowing firms to accommodate for scenarios specific to their own requirements.

Integrations Out-of-the-box integrations with world-leading cloud based solutions for accountants, such as Xero and FYI Docs.

Multi-entity groups Support for multi-entity groups gives firms visibility and insights across the group, while enabling support for inter-entity collaboration, such as file referencing and reconciliation.

Firm-wide insights Cimplico Workpapers provides a firm-wide overview of all workpapers, their assigned users, and its progress to date.

Internal communication File notes and internal conversations are managed within Cimplico Workpapers using a modern interface for effective collaboration between team members working on the job.

Client queries Client queries are easily created within the worksheets or at the job-level as part of the preparation or review process.

Advanced searching & filtering Wherever you are, you can quickly search and locate any worksheet or other schedule. Cimplico Workpapers also provides advanced multi-criteria filtering on all major screens to enable users to focus on relevant content.

If you're ready to gain greater control, efficiency, and visibility over the preparation of accounting compliance workpapers, signup now!

Cimplico Workpapers + Xero

Having Xero integrated with Cimplico Workpapers gives firms the ability to:

  • Add entities to Workpapers from Xero with the relevant entity details pulled-down.
  • Create workpapers for Xero entities using the trial balance data from Xero.
  • Keep your trial balance up-to-date within a workpaper by having the data automatically (and manually) updated from Xero.

As the Xero integration works on a per-entity basis, setup and configuration is done for each entity within Workpapers.

Check out our Integration with Xero article for more information:

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