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Our Dashboards help you become a high performing business, empower your workforce, take control and accelerate your growth. Our Dashboards are a catalyst to higher profits, increased productivity, improved efficiencies and better decisions. View performance instantly at your fingertips.


At Dashboard Insights our aim is to GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME. We analyse your needs, create insightful dashboards, teach you how to use them and support you along the journey.

Our Dashboards will support you to...

  1. Become a high performing business • Connect your practice data with stunning dashboards to make data-driven decisions • Attract and retain high performing employees • Improve cash flow • Increase profits

  2. Empower your workforce • Provide teams and individuals, real-time insights into their performance • Motivate and develop staff by clearly defining goals and targets • Entice high performing employees to work for your organisation

  3. Take control of your business • Gain total visibility over business performance from anywhere in the world • Don’t spend thousands of dollars producing reports • Real time reports to the right people at the right time 24/7

  4. Accelerate your growth • Grow profits by unlocking opportunities • Create efficiencies • Increase productivity

At Dashboard Insights we combine business consulting and data analytics to provide a tailored solutions that are ready to maximise return on investment. Combining the best of visually stunning graphs with the accuracy of real-time data. • Access key metrics in real time • Bespoke reporting to meet unique business needs • Connect with multiple reporting platforms • Consolidate all data into one easy to use dashboard • Be empowered with business insights that matter to your organisation Dashboard Insights seamlessly integrates with third-party software and offline data platforms to consolidate key metrics into accessible insights.

Explore all features of Dashboard Insights

Dashboard Insights + Xero

Dashboard Insights unlocks the value of your data by turning data into information and then placing this information in the hands of the right people at the right time. Dashboard Insights closes the gap between people and data, allowing you to run your business with more efficiency and more intelligence so that you are making decisions with confidence.

We take care of complex data integration by connecting to XERO platforms (e.g., Accounting, Practice Manager, WorkflowMax) as well as a variety of other solutions, consolidating your data, and keeping it data up to date. We take care of your data so you can focus on running your business.

Our integration with Xero Practice Manager consolidates and transforms your client, invoice, cost, job, task, staff and time sheet, and budget data into a meaningful set of insights.

We finalise the integration process by connecting your data with visually stunning Accounting Practice Dashboards that help you monitor and drive continuous improvement in your business.


PURPOSE BUILT Every Dashboard is custom tailored to the unique needs of your business. Utilise filtering to generate interactive snapshots, identify trends or hotspots in real-time. Our Dashboards deliver analytics across your entire business from upper level management through to teams and individual contributors.

COMBINE AND TRANSFORM YOUR DATA Our product connects all your platforms, combines your data, and transforms your data into a powerful set of human-ready insights. We accelerate the discovery and availability of real time data through automated integration.

SECURE ACCESS ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD Empower data-driven decisions anytime, from anywhere in the world. With Dashboards Insights you can access and monitor your business performance on the go using any internet enabled device.

INSTANCE NOTIFICATION AND AUTOMATION Be alerted to issues as they occur and resolve them before impact. Take a proactive approach to business performance by detecting anomalies, outliers, and root causes using automation, artificial intelligence, and alert rules. With Dashboard Insights there is never a question unanswered.

WORLD CLASS SECURITY AND DATA PROTECTION Dashboard Insights incorporates leading security technologies and modern open standards to provide customers the confidence that their data is secure. We adhere to world class security standard and apply strict control across our business operations, host infrastructure, and application to ensure authorised access to data. Dashboard Insights utilises encrypted connection technology to directly integrate with XERO software as well as any additional software solutions used in your business.

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