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BarTab is the iPad-based EPOS system that has been transforming the way pubs and bars do business. Linking BarTab to Xero stops bookkeeping getting in the way of bartending.

BarTab is an EPOS that is designed for pubs & bars.

BarTab will make running your pub easier, whether you’re behind the bar or in the office.

On the BarTab app you can add orders to tabs or tables, split bills and take payments, all from behind the bar or at the customer’s table.

With the TabHub back office, you can add new products, manage stock & view reports from anywhere.

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BarTab + Xero

Every day BarTab creates an invoice in Xero for your sales.

Sales can be split as wet, dry, and other, or sales for individual categories or products can be sent to their own account in Xero.

BarTab works out the payments you have received from the cash and cards you declared at cash up and applies these payments to the invoice in Xero.

BarTab will create a bill in Xero for any cash purchases declared during cash up.

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Made by Tabology
Added in 2015


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