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Chris Garibaldi
Invoxy has been a very good addition to our contractor management toolset. As a small and growing recruitment agency, we aim to use SaaS products wherever possible, and this neatly integrates with Xero and JobAdder. There are a few usability features that will hopefully be fixed/added in the future, but the contractor and client experience has largely been positive so far. Invoxy lets us scale fairly inexpensively too.
Jacqui McKenzie
Being in a small - medium sized business but with a temp book growing rapidly it has been the perfect time to introduce Invoxy to our business. As with anything new there were a couple of minor teething problems to work through but they have probably been more down to user error than system error! We are still learning everyday of the functionality of Invoxy but the integration both with JobAdder and Xero is invaluable. I would definitely recommend Invoxy to any potential users.
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