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Streamline your bookkeeping with invoice automation and bank reconciliation functions while providing an immutable audit trail.

Luca+ streamlines bookkeeping for all businesses, accountants and auditors. The automation function eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors while the audit trail function allows you to quickly track and pinpoint changes and overdue transactions.

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Luca + Xero

Luca+ integrates into Xero to enable automation and audit trail. The features which will improve your efficiency are

  1. Invoices received are automatically uploaded into your draft folder to approve, saving time and reducing data entry errors.
  2. Bank Reconciliation to match and track payments received. Luca+ is integrated into 76 financial institutions
  3. Audit Trail to monitor and track all transactions which has occurred, including those which has been modified, making tasks such as GST and BAS reconciliation easier.
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