A project, asset, and inventory management tool designed to make complex businesses easier to run.

    WorkGuru is the ideal solution for any business that has to track time and materials usage, keep stock on hand, or track the history of work on any asset. Whether you're a fabrication shop, a solar installation company, or vehicle mechanic, WorkGuru tracks the assets, time and materials that are important to you

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    Workguru + Xero

    WorkGuru integrates with Xero to Invoices, Purchases and Cost of Goods details across to your Xero account. With a simple end of day procedure, you can sync all of your operational data to Xero, and never have to double enter anything again.

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    Rhiannan Bartlett
    Fortuna has been using WorkGuru since 2019. WorkGuru has changed our business massively around time, structure and management. We would strongly recommend WorkGuru .
    Angela Duvall

    Great product and great team

    Workguru fills a gap in the market, providing a job costing system combined with excellent stock control. Tony and the team are great to work with and respond to queries very quickly.
    Josh Licence

    Multi-functional professional services app

    Locally owned and maintained, WorkGuru is a fit for purpose app to support many different industries, particularly those that need pipeline, projects, inventory and asset tracking in the same system. A nice combination that fills a much needed gap for many of my clients (I'm a cloud integrator that also uses and implements WorkGuru, for complete transparency!)
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