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By SquirrelStreet
4.59 out of 5 stars
Squirrel Street provides effortless and accurate capture, management and storage of all your financial documents, business records, receipts and invoices.
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June 2016
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Squirrel Street provides effortless and accurate capture, management and storage of all your financial documents, business records, receipts and invoices. Squirrel Street is is built for Australian small business owners and operators, it is fully compliant with the ATO.

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SquirrelStreet + Xero

Squirrel Street is integrated with Xero Accounting Software to simplify entry of your receipts and invoices into Xero.

Just collect your financial documents, receipts and invoices and send to us, Squirrel Street extracts the data they contain via our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. We then validate this data with onshore human verification of each and every one.

With each document that is processed, our smart category system learns how to associate all your documents with your CoA the way you want. You or your bookkeeper have online access to manage and use these documents as well as export them to Xero (with one click or automatically) as a Bill, Spend Money or Expense Claim.

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4.6 out of 5 stars
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Scott McNaught
Posted 2 Oct 2015
5 out of 5 stars
Shoeboxed is a great way to get rid of your filing cabinet and digitize all of your documents. Highly recommended.
Mark Crompton
Posted 3 Feb 2014
3 out of 5 stars
Like Vickie above, we had allot of problems following the 25 November upgrade, which thankfully now seem to have been resolved. I like the shoeboxed service because of the automation and online storage aspects of the service, however there are definately a few things that need tweaking/adding to make the service relevant and more than the files service now offered in Xero. The few tweaks needed I see are: 1. The shipping/delivery costs need to be extracted/automated as well as any other relevant fields, then exportable to Xero. 2. When exporting invoices to Xero, the invoice date then also defaults into the due date over riding the Xero payment rules we go to the trouble of setting up. Xero and Shoeboxed need to sort this out quickly. Each keep blaming the others API interaction. 3. The invoice number needs to be recognised and used as the reference # instead of the long and cryptic shoeboxed database reference, and then automated to be exported to Xero. These are important features for me otherwise I will likely cease use of the shoeboxed service as it currently causes allot of manual repair work, negating the automation benefits in both systems. Almost as much work to just use the files feature in Xero and save the $$ subscription cost of Shoeboxed.
Posted 16 Dec 2013
Shoeboxed, in theory, is a great idea but we've had a bumpy ride from the beginning. We finally resolved our concerns - by amending our general practices - but the recent upgrade has created so much drama. We cannot be the only business which Shoeboxed can't upload our scanned documents to the site, ready to import into Xero. Has anyone had any problems with Shoeboxed since 25 November upgrade? It's so bad that we are investigating other products - there are a few out there partnered with Xero! We'd appreciate any feedback or comments on your situation.

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By SquirrelStreet
Added in 2016


Australia, New Zealand




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