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Kev Babakian
Posted 6 Sep 2023
1 out of 5 stars


Undeniably the worst app available on Xero. It just doesn't work. I've lost so many customers and sales due to their inability do one thing, take payments. Sadly i have to give them one star as i can't give them no stars as it's not an option.
Colleen Stromei
Posted 3 Sep 2020
eWay support is appalling. I raised a problem via online chat two weeks ago, after receiving no follow up at all after 7 days I rang a phone number I had saved to my phone and got through to technical support. They offered to escalate the issue and only at my request provided a case number. We are now another 7 days further along and still no response. On ringing the support team again I've been advised that they have passed my concerns onto the development team. After a lot of foot stamping I did receive a call back to advise although the development team couldn't explain how their system had allowed the problem to occur they had identified what the problem was. In other words if someone had looked at my problem two weeks ago I could have had it resolved the same day! This is not the first time I've received such bad support from eWay and I'll be advising my clients to find a new merchant provider.
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Rebecca Foleni
Posted 16 May 2018
2 out of 5 stars
Easy to use BUT the settlement total eWay sends on NZ bank feeds doesn't match the settlement total received in your bank account. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile your Xero bank statement. eWay has known about this issue for over 6 months but has decided it isn't important enough to fix as yet. Very disappointing. I think Xero needs to implement some kind of standards to ensure third party apps are worthy of integrating with Xero.
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Warren Webber
Posted 4 Oct 2017
We have been using eWay without issues for 3 yrs until today. No scamming thank goodness (it would be good to be assured that Xero and eWay have got that sorted). My issue today was a client unable to enter credit card details when attempting to pay an online Xero invoice via the eWay payment gateway. Eventually chat room advice from eWay provided an updated payment gateway link. Users of Xero / eWay should not have to find and sort this for themselves!! Onus probably sits mostly with Xero. Time for Xero to up their game.
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Jill Accounts
Posted 23 Jul 2017
1 out of 5 stars
Disgusted. Disgusting and beggars belief. We are an international freight company, small family business, dealing with people all over the world. Our core business is freight, no online credit card security. Thats why we went to eWay - that's their job. We set up eWay as our credit card gateway, with the expectation it was secure and had safeguards in place, warnings. We got scammed and ITS OUR FAULT !!!!! On approaching eWay to ask for more information on their security, I was told "oh, but you haven't put any of our add-on security in place. Really! why is that not an integral part of their package. I say again, Disgusted and Disappointed
Peter Roche
Posted 29 May 2017
Don't you just love community reviews. I was considering eWay as our payment service but not now.
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