EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

    EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It's a user-friendly web application that anyone can use with little or no training. It puts all your customers, products and orders in one place in the cloud. This gives you visibility and control over your stock as it moves through your workflow.

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    EMERGE App + Xero

    EMERGE App syncs on demand with Xero so that you're in total control of what documents are exported. It lets you map your invoices and receipts to a chart of accounts in Xero so that the right records are exported to the correct accounts. You can select some or all of your documents to be exported at once.

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    Finance Department
    For business on a budget, Emerge is the best solutions. It is easy to use and the information flows into Xero seamlessly.
    Belinda Kolarik
    We are a distributor, we sell retail via an online store, wholesale and via consignment. Emerge suits us very well. The consignment was the biggest thing as Xero did not manage this at all whereas Emerge manages this beautifully with the multi-warehouse facility. Having multiple type of customers means the ability to have different Price Lists has been so helpful in raising sales. I also quite like the ability to scan products into orders. Very handy with our larger wholesale customers. It connects for free to Stripe - not counted torwards your integrated apps. Overall I'm really very happy and would recommend to anyone with a similar structure to us.
    Pieta Meyer

    Best Value for Money

    It has almost all the features of competitors at half the price.
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