Create a beautiful Shopify store and seamlessly connect your entire business to Xero for a single, real-time view of sales and small business finances.

    The Shopify Integration by Bold Commerce allows you to automatically sync your Shopify orders to Xero. Sales, taxes, and discounts are all automatically exported so that you can keep track of how your eCommerce business is performing.

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    The Shopify Integration app exports paid orders to Xero as Sales Invoices. Once a day, your past orders are synced and added to Xero as paid invoices.

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    Sebastian Wolff

    DO NOT USE - Abandoned integration

    Bloat features were added instead of fixing critical infrastructure. Customer support is absent. Sync breaks without notification. Errors are unsolvable and riddled with cryptic messages like "A NoMethodError occured when saving the order." Unsolvable 500 Error pages. Archived Xero Contacts are impossible to change. Navigation is a pain. The "Mapping" page never loads -- customer support mentioned that it does take 10+ minutes. There is no priority placed into resolving critical bugs for a semi-functional overpriced app. Bold and Xero have abandoned supporting you and this app.
    Nick Leighton
    *** DO NOT USE THIS APP *** There are huge glitches with how this app syncs with is also 100% not compatible with Safari. Bold has made it clear they have no interest in actually supporting this app or offering any service for it.
    Mark Baner
    I have a client who runs a store on Shopify in the Chicago area. She wanted to add invoices as and when an order is placed on her Shopify store. We first suggested her Xero's integration with Shopify. We used it for a week and found out the following 2 issues with this: 1. The order transactions aren't pulling in the item code, and as such, inventory (cost of goods) isn't being tracked accurately, and 2. The data is not being synced automatically. Having said that we loved using Xero for everything else. The invoice management tool is really easy to use. But for the Shopify integration we had to look for another tool. We started using ( It's pretty good. Does the job it's supposed to do perfectly. We are using it to automatically create invoices for our client's paid orders. We also use it to add payments in Xero for Shopify fulfillment events. We could have used Xero's native integration if not for its flaws I've mentioned above.
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