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ATO document processing automation. ATOmate is designed for accountants for fast, simple, and secure ATO document processing. Save time and improve efficiencies by automating the manual processing, checking and distributing of all ATO documents. Reducing manual ATO document processing time by 90%.


ATO Document automation for accountants. Fast, simple, and secure.

ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automate the processing, checking and distribution of ATO documents. It also connects seamlessly with Xero and your document management software to provide a streamlined process. Reducing your ATO document processing time by 90%!


  • Integrates directly and securely with the ATO to automate the processing, checking and distribution of ATO documents.

  • Automatically redacts TFNs.

  • Automatically generates personalised templates to send clients their ATO documents.

  • Integrates with Xero and your document management software.

  • No more confusion around ATO correspondence and no more missing ATO documents.

  • Reduce the time your team spends on ATO document processing by 90%.

It's simple and easy to use for you and your clients.

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ATOmate + Xero

ATOmate seamlessly integrates with Xero to automatically match ATO documents with your practice’s clients. Extracting key information and placing this into personalised and customisable email templates. It also retrieves tax return estimates from Xero and compares them against Notice of Assessments, ensuring accuracy or flagging for review. The document is then automatically filed into your document management system.

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