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Camilla Walley

It's a no-brainer!

Chaser has completely revolutionised how we manage credit control within our organisation. It is easy to use and is helping us to get ahead of potential problems and collect cash faster. I can't rate it highly enough. And on top of that we have received excellent support and customer service from Chaser's support team!
Hinal Kotecha

A Problem Preventer

Besides being easy to use, having great customer support, and integrating seamlessly with accounting systems - this system really helps us stay on top of our A/R real-time so we have multiple touchpoints that stop it from becoming a big problem before its too late. I love that it sends us email reminders so we don't forget about chases/can modify for unwanted follow-ups, and prompts me to fill in any missing info.
Monica Stevens

Excellent programme!

In our company we are using Chaser to chase unpaid invoices and it is proving very popular. We believe that it improves communication between us and our customers, who are politely reminded to pay our unpaid invoices. The automated process is great as it has pre-set times and dates for chasing, meaning that we do not need to keep the dates in mind and we do not need to circle them in our paper calendars. Overall, it is a very efficient programme and would recommend getting it.
Tony Harris
Chaser is perfect for managing and personalising an automated process around invoice collection. We found it super easy to set-up and get started and it had an impact on our business from day one. The support team are fantastic and you get real personal support from them in timely fashion. They really care. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who has Xero and is looking to improve revenue collection. If you are reading this and wondering whether or not you need Chaser I would just go for it.
Idan Kfir
Chaser is a great app that is built for Xero users, very easy to use and will pay itself off on the first month, it's a real boost to our collection manager.
Xero Administrator
After some consideration we decided to give Chaser a try and to be honest we haven't looked back! If you need one app to recommend your clients or to simply use with Xero yourself, I would say choose Chaser. It is intelligent, easy to use, comes at the right price and most importantly does what it promises to do.We immediately saw increased communications with clients, sensible billing/debt queries and also an improvement to cash flow. There are so many useful features and ways to tailor your own experience that it really can work for any size/type of business. Take the pain out of debt chasing and employ the effective tool that is CHASER.
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