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Active Collab

3 out of 5 stars
A project management tool that lets you organize work, collaborate with your team, vendors and clients, track time on tasks, and issue invoices.


ActiveCollab helps you know what's going at any time of day or night. With it, you know who works on what, when work is due, how much budget you've spent, who has too much work on their plate, and how deadlines and responsibilities overlap across multiple projects. ActiveCollab is perfect for agencies, IT consultancies, and other companies delivering creative solutions to their client. With ActiveCollab, you can spend less time on busy work and more time doing what matters.

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Active Collab
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Active Collab + Xero

ActiveCollab is fully integrated with Xero. Track time for each task and define hourly rates using ActiveCollab. Then create an invoice in ActiveCollab from the tracked time and send that invoice to Xero for further processing.
Quickly issue invoices in Xero based on tracked time in ActiveCollab
Manage your projects and track time with ActiveCollab while continuing to use Xero for invoice management.
ActiveCollab and Xero are always in sync. If an invoice is marked as Paid in Xero, it is also marked as Paid in ActiveCollab.
Your accountant only needs to spend time in the Xero while your team can work on tasks and track time as usual.

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Shelton Koskie
3 out of 5 stars
After a massive months-long hunt for good project management software, I settled on ActiveCollab. This was in part due to its ability to track time (replacing Harvest) and its integration with Xero. The connection is really buggy, but it seems to work after a bit of trial and error. Companies in AC are not the same as companies or contacts in Xero. They aren't connected at all. Instead, when you go to make an invoice in AC, it lets you select the Xero contact and then check the boxes on each project you want to include in the invoice, along with a few options for filtering it. After that you click a button to go view the generated invoice in Xero. Once there, you will still need to clarify which Xero items are being purchased. But it does save a lot of time, and therefore acceptable to us.
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