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Help your clients make crucial business decisions with Helm's simple, flexible, and easy-to-interpret short-term cash flow forecast


For accountants & bookkeepers that want to make an impact with their small business clients, Helm is the short-term cash flow forecasting tool that delivers a simple, flexible and easy-to-interpret forecast so that you can help your clients make crucial business decisions.

Born out of an accounting firm, and built specifically for small business clients, Helm is here to support you on your Cash Flow Advisory journey with software and training proven to help you build better relationships and create more value.

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Helm + Xero

Helm and Xero work beautifully together.

*Helm scans your historical Xero data and uses this information to automatically create dynamic, forward looking cash forecasts. *Receivable projections consider how individual customers have traditionally paid. *Payable predictions mimic how each supplier has historically been paid. *Revenue and expense information is automatically populated based on past history. *With a simple, flexible, and intuitive interface, Helm can be quickly and easily manipulated to your needs with unlimited scenarios

Why Xero users love to use Helm:

*Detailed cash projections: Give your clients a clear plan of attack. Helm predicts future receipts and payments using realistic assumptions from your clients data, allowing you to accurately predict their exact cash balance to the day. *Visual & intuitive displays: Easily communicate the output of your forecast to your clients with visual and intuitive displays. Toggle between multiple display options to use Helm on your terms based on what you and your clients are more comfortable with. *Automated Accounts Payable: Create additional service lines by managing Accounts Payable for your clients whilst giving them a seamless and automated process to pay their bills with our unique Veem integration. *Proven ROI & experienced support: Helm was born out of an Advisory firm where we’re using it with clients on a daily basis. We know the impact it’s had with our clients, and we’re here to help you do the same with our proven training, and experienced support team. *Unlimited users: Collaborate with your team without paying more. Add as many users to each forecast as you need and adjust their permission levels depending on the access that they need.

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Rob Brady

Pretty good

App does what is says. Gives a 12 month cashflow. Pulls in current AP and AR from Xero. Importantly, allows you to create rules, either based on precedent P&L import or you can create your own rules, eg for known future abnormal expenses or income. Good feature with the rules is you can make them repeatable for days, weeks, months and annually. Helm allows you to create scenarios based on % changes in existing cash inflows and outflows. Wish it did longer than 12 months and graphical display could be better. Numbers are accurate though and this is what counts.
Trinity Scott
This app is very straightforward to use, the customer service is superb, and it's not incredibly costly. You can pay to use it with one client or many. It was very intuitive to learn to use, and the set up doesn't take an overwhelming amount of time, either. It packs a big punch when it comes to advisory services for your clients who might be struggling with cash flow, and, let's face it, that's most retail stores, if not most clients.
Admin at Five
I'm a new user of Helm and am terribly impressed with the app (and the Helm team). What I like about the product: Accounting style approach, inter-connectivity with Xero, being able to personalize the app to fit my business needs. At the end of the day I'm getting an ACCURATE view into my company's cashflow. The cost is also very competitive and reasonable for the value provided by the product.
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