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Grant Jolliffe

PayFast / Xero integration

We have been using PayFast for a little over a year and found that it works as required - as soon as a customer makes payment, the transaction is automatically recorded in Xero and the fees are accounted for. Payouts do not appear to integrate quite as well though.
Dean Blackbeard
Might be the same issue I had, but it seems that PayFast only records transactions made from the PayFast settlement link which is added onto invoices when you integrate PayFast and Xero. If you have an e-commerce channel where sales are made, as an example, those will not update in the PayFast feed. Which makes it a completely useless integration. You either capture everything or nothing. See here: https://support.payfast.co.za/article/269-how-does-the-xero-integration-work https://support.payfast.co.za/article/254-why-are-the-transactions-not-showing-in-xero
Franco Austin
I have not been able to get the Payfast feeds to work for Xero, also there should be a button / hyperlink on the Electronic invoice that should allow a customer to use payfast to pay the invoice, no luck with this to date, any advice?
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