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Simple Financial Planning and Tracking for Better Business Decisions.

Poindexter was built to help business managers and other non-financial personnel communicate more effectively with finance professionals. We facilitate this interaction by enabling non-financial users to easily translate their vision, strategy, and goals into robust financial outcomes that can be used by financial professionals to assess viability.

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Poindexter + Xero

Poindexter pulls real-time data from Xero's financial statements and visualizes the information on a customizable dashboard where you can track progress against your budgeted goals.

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Kenneth Eremita
Great App! Been using Poindexter to help my largest client project ROI for potential product launches (ecommerce) and it's been very useful. We were able to get very granular and detailed in our scenarios making this a powerful tool. I've reached out for help more than once and their team was responsive every time. When they announced the Xero integration, I was pleased because I believe their focus on cash flow and projecting various business case scenarios will save me a lot of time on consulting engagements like this. This is the kind of work that, while fun and highly billable, is very time consuming, subject to a lot of assumptions and prone to errors (requires lots of time reviewing). The ability to do detailed projections through an app, make adjustments without exploding an excel spreadsheet AND create interactive client-facing reports is tremendous. I'd highly recommend checking out Poindexter if your clients mention/ask for advice on starting a line of business - you'll most likely make them aware of costs/timelines/opportunities that they didn't anticipate. Or if you're a small business looking to invest/expand into a new area, the software is quite intuitive to use if you'd like to DIY.
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