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The Bookkeeper360 App is the best way to view your finances, track your goals, and access your accounting experts all in one place.


Bookkeeper360 App helps business owners with the following:

  • Interactive Dashboards to learn about your businesses revenue, gross profit, operating expenses, and net income
  • People Analytics Integrates with Gusto for payroll, and benefit-cost trends by the department, Revenue and Income KPI's by Headcount
  • Scorecards to track year to date actual vs goals
  • Cash Flow and Cash Burn Insights to determine net cash on available and cash runway in months
  • Year over Year Metrics that give you a simple glance at how you are performing vs previous periods -Access six pre-built trends and build and customize trends to measure your performance and growth
  • Full Service and On-Demand Accounting, Advisory, and Bookkeeping professionals for assistance with all areas of accounting, technology, payroll, and tax
  • Collaborate with unlimited users, for no additional fee
  • Multiple Xero Accounts supported
  • Access Anytime Anywhere with Mobile and responsive web-friendly experience
Explore all features of Bookkeeper360 App

Bookkeeper360 App + Xero

The Bookkeeper360 App seamlessly integrates with Xero,

Getting started takes under 5 minutes.

  1. Authorize Bookkeeper360 App to Access Xero
  2. Choose which organization you would like to sync (we support multiple Xero orgs)
  3. The Bookkeeper360 App will automatically classify your revenue, expenses and chart of accounts to power the dashboards and scorecards
  4. Enter in your businesses goals
  5. In-App help and product tours to help you along the way

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Ruth Roberts

Clarity at last!

This app provides a quick and thouough way to see what's going right, and what needs attention without having to pull reports from Xero. In less than 5 minutes, I have a clear overview of my business financials. This used to take 45 minutes to an hour
Kevin Barr

Great Data Visualization

While I love Xero, the product out of the box lacks the ability to easily view trends from month-to-month and year-to-year. The Bookkeeper 360 App fills in the gap by providing gorgeous charts, making it easy to see long-term trends and financial performance. I appreciate the ability to quickly view KPI's and see where the my company stands against the annual goals I've set. Moreover, the app is beautiful aesthetically and intuitive to use. It's a welcome addition to the Xero community, and judging by the rate of development over the last several months will continue to improve quickly.
Daryl Fubler

Bookkeeper360 App

This app was very easy to setup and navigate. It has been excellent at displaying information in an easy to read format enabling us to keep an eye on our financial health at all times.
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Bookkeeper360 App

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Added in 2020
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