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Efficiently provide proactive advisory services to SME clients with automated & white-labeled budgeting, forecasting, reporting, KPIs, and more!

ProfitSee is a white-labeled and automated financial forecasting, reporting, and analytical tool designed to make advisory services, and life, easier for accountants and bookkeepers.
ProfitSee's tools help you create efficiency in your practice and grow your advisory services. With features like three-way cash flow forecasting, KPI monitoring and alerting, what-if scenarios, budgeting, automated and white- labeled reporting, consolidations, and more, you'll be able to help your SME clients create financial stability, increase profitability, and grow valuation. Since the reports, client dashboard, and mobile app are all white- labeled, the value comes from the advice you provide your clients, and it strengthens the client-advisor relationship.

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ProfitSee + Xero

ProfitSee has an automatic nightly sync with Xero, meaning that every day your data is up-to-date. This is critical as it means you can create scheduled reports that will use your real-time data and automatically create and send the information that will truly impact your clients' decisions.
ProfitSee syncs all of your data in Xero, down to the transactional level. So your forecasts, budgets, and insights are incredibly detailed.

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